Syttende Mai: a holiday, anniversary and birthday

Today is a very important day. Syttende Mai (17th of May) is the Norwegian Constitution Day.. the National Day of Norway. We’re Norwegian, if you didn’t know already… my mom is 100%. Her dad, my grandpa, lived in Norway for awhile as a kid and we visited family there in 2003.

Today is also my grandpa’s birthday… he would be 84. He passed away a few weeks before Ryan was born. It’s easy not to think about it, with how busy I am. I am still pretty angry that the timing worked out how it did and he didn’t get to meet his first great-grandchild. I know how much he wanted to. He called him “Olaf.” But on a day like today, it’s impossible not to think about it… if he were here we’d all be gathering for dinner and singing him happy birthday. So…

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear grandpa, happy birthday to you!!

And… on a bit of a brighter note… today is our 2 year wedding anniversary! 🙂 We celebrated over the weekend and went out for dinner at our favorite fondue place – YUMM!!! Happy 2 years, babe, I love you lots and couldn’t ask for anything better <3

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  • Shannon

    Happy anniversary! My husband and I celebrate 2 years in July. Its amazing how fast time goes by!

    I’m sorry your grand[a never got to me Ryan. I’m sure he is looking down on you all and smiling.


  • Kristine Brite

    What a day. Full of emotions. Happy Anniversary. And, I’m so sorry about your grandpa. My grandpa died while I was pregnant with Cora, he died at the end of May, so coming up. Awful, I don’t remember the exact dates. I love how you celebrate your Norwegian heritage. Awesome.


  • Kim

    My husband’s family is Norwegian, too. I like to hear his grandparents’ Ole and Lena jokes, hehe.

    Lena called the airlines information desk and inquired, “How long does it take to fly from Minneapolis to Fargo? “Just a minute,” said the busy clerk. “Vell, said Lena, “if it has to go dat fast, I tink Ill just take da bus.”


  • bahahaha @ the above comment! my 8th grade algebra teacher used to give math examples featuring ole and lena….guess he was norwegian too. and happy anniversary em & steve – your wedding is STILL the most beautiful and most fun i’ve ever been to. i feel very lucky to have been asked to be a part of it 🙂


  • 🙂 thanks!

    and Kim – thanks for the joke! My grandpa would always say “tink” – not that he had an accent, just for fun 🙂


  • carol lewis

    Yay, for Norway! My hubby and kids and grandkids are Norwegian,and I love that! Beautiful, wonderful people!
    Happy Anniversary. You have a really cute baby!


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