We’re back to co-sleeping and lovin’ it

Apparently I forgot to knock on wood and cross my fingers and kiss my four-leaf clover. I wrote the post “It’s a miracle: swaddling” because Ryan slept most of the night after we wrapped him up in a swaddle blanket, two nights in a row!

But the 2 nights in a row after that were absolutely terrible. He was up at LEAST once an hour. Steve and I were not getting any sleep at all and we were cranky. I suggested we go back to co-sleeping and Steve reminded me that I complained about that before, because Ryan kept flailing and keeping me up.

But what if we swaddle him AND put him in our bed?

Steve wanted to try the crib out for a few more nights–he thought Ryan could get the hang of it and that maybe it’s just because he’s teething right now.

Last night Steve got home from work just before midnight and I was standing over a screaming baby in a crib, near tears myself! At that moment we decided…. back to co-sleeping!!!

We slept like a dream. That’s not the only reason I love co-sleeping though… I love my cuddle bug and his warm little body, I love watching him sleep and waking up to his face in the morning, I love nursing his sleepy little eyes and I love making him feel safe, comforted and happy.

Best example EVER? This morning my alarm went off at 6:30am and Ryan stirred awake. He used to get up around that time so I wasn’t sure if he was up for the day… he looked at me and I said, “good morning!!” and his eyes looked heavy so I knew he was still sleepy. I laid my hand on his chest and smiled at him. He smiled back and then slowly shut his eyes and fell asleep. SWEETEST MOMENT. EVER.

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  • You’re so right. Those moments right before they fall asleep and the moments in the morning are absolutely priceless. Makes up for the hitting in the face in the middle of the night 🙂 Austin now rolls on his side, reaches for the boobs and nurses in his sleep and just cuddles. It melts my heart. You’re such a great mommy! They’re only this sweet for a little while. Let’s cherish it :):):)


  • I love those moments of cosleeping too. We’ll start the transition this summer but I will miss it!


  • Awwww that’s too cute!! So what is it do you think? He just is use to having you near and prefers that?

    Man, that gives me more to think about!! So glad you’re getting better sleep now!!


  • I say don’t be in such a rush to end the co-sleeping. I know a lot of medical professionals say it’s bad, but I think it strengthens the bond between mother and child. Moo and I have been co-sleeping since her second day on this Earth and we love it. She’s almost two and I have to say that she has become my security blanket. Although, I think she’s the one who’s ready to depart into her own bed.

    So, I’m trying to cherish these last few months of silent bonding.


  • Jessica

    Such a sweet picture! That’s how my son and I sleep every night. My husband is anxious to move him to the crib (he’s 9 weeks old), but I can’t imagine waking up and not seeing his face snuggled up to my chest. I had never planned on bed sharing before he was born, but I love it.


  • Yea I definitely think he prefers that! He’s just a little baby, you know? He wants his mama, he wants to feel comforted and safe. Someone on twitter said to me that we’re the only primates that leave their babies alone to sleep at such a young and vulnerable age. I agree… it doesn’t make sense! So, back to co-sleeping 🙂


  • I agree! I love co-sleeping and think it helps us bond… and I’ll miss these days when they’re gone! My husband was the one a bit more anxious to get him used to his crib. But I think we’re on the same page now with going back to co-sleeping–I had him read a bunch of articles on the benefits of it 🙂


  • So far I love having Samantha in our bed. She won’t sleep for more than 45 minutes in her bassinet, so I usually bring her in the bed with us. I am SOOOO paranoid about pillows and blankets though, I don’t know if I actually sleep any better! 🙁


  • I love co-sleeping. We did it with all three of our kids mainly because of the bonding and my mom always told me that I never slept in my crib I always preferred to sleep with them. I think I just wanted them close to me so I know they were fine.


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