Wear Pink For Cora: 3 days to go, PLEASE HELP

Remember Cora? How could you forget, right? She died when she was 5 days old while breastfeeding in her mama’s arms from an undetected CHD (congenital heart defect). CHD is the #1 birth defect, affecting 1 in 100 babies, yet it’s NOT routinely tested for at birth. And I bet most of you had never heard of it before either. Because of Cora, I got Ryan tested at the hospital when he was born–it’s a very quick, easy and cheap test using a pulse oximeter.

Cora’s parents, Ben and Kristine, are now fighting to save lives. They learned about CHD for the first time from the coroner. They want to make sure that never happens again to anyone else. They recently started a non-profit organization called Cora’s Story. It’s goal is to educate and raise awareness. You can read more about it here.

One of the aspects of Cora’s Story is Wear Pink For Cora day. This occurs on the 30th of every month because she was born November 30th. You wear pink in remembrance and you do an act of kindness.. it can be anything! This month, Cora’s parents are donating baby items to the hospital. What will you do?

If you need an idea, I have a GREAT one. I’m hosting a fundraiser/giveaway for Cora’s Story. 100% of what is raised will go to their non-profit organization. You won’t only be doing something wonderful and saving lives, but you’ll also be entered to WIN LOTS of great prizes. Each dollar donated gets you 1 raffle ticket. See the list of PRIZES here. My goal was $500 and the fundraiser ends on May 30th, Cora’s 6-month birthday. That is THREE DAYS away and we’re still short of our goal. There is a ChipIn box in my right sidebar so you can track our progress and donate (I’m also putting it at the end of this post).

Your act of kindness for Wear Pink For Cora day can be to donate. Even just one dollar helps (just think if all my readers donated $1?!) and any amount gets you entered for the prizes.

Please, please help us reach (and pass!) our goal. You’re helping save babies, you’re educating parents. It’s a wonderful cause for 2 amazing parents and 1 beautiful little girl who are saving countless numbers of others.

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