Memorial Day: weekend at the lake

My husband’s parents own a lakehouse in WI and we spend a lot of time there over the summer. Memorial Day weekend is like “opening weekend” up there. So we headed up Saturday morning and I think at it’s busiest point, there were about 20 people there… family friends and Steve’s younger brother and all his friends (that used to be us and all our friends… ah, the good ole days, lol). This was Ryan’s first time at the lake so we were super excited! It was a wonderfully relaxing weekend. It was so nice to get away for a bit and with all those people there we also had TONS of willing babysitters, haha.

We thought Ryan might have trouble adjusting to the new place, all the people, and the hot weather. But he did awesome! He was passed from person to person and loved it… he’s a little attention whore! As for the heat, he went naked nearly the entire time, which made him that much more happy 😉 And the new place? He slept at night for 4-5 hours IN A ROW without waking. He hasn’t done that since he was like 2 months old!

My husband (in the orange) with his parents and Ryan (the lil chunk-a-monk… yea, I just made that up.)

Hubby and his dad, haha. My chunk-a-monk has man-boobs.

Ryan kept trying to eat my face

Steve’s younger brother, Uncle Jeff

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