Random questions for you… help a mama out

There’s no real basis for this post, just some random questions that have been running through my head for awhile…. and I thought all you mama pros out there could help me out! πŸ™‚

1. When did you start brushing your baby’s gums? Or did you wait till they had teeth?

2. How do you handle driving in the car in the hot, hot summertime? I blast the AC, but it doesn’t get THAT cool and I feel like with Ryan not only in the back seat, but facing away from the air, he must stay pretty warm. And I’m a paranoid first-time mama.

3. Any teething tips??? I know it’s different for every baby and I feel like it has been bothering Ryan for a few days now, but still no tooth!… poor baby πŸ™

4. What was your baby’s first word? (just curious, because it’s fun! and I heard Ryan make the “mmaaa” sound so you know what I’m thinking! :))

5. How many poopy diapers do you have a day (and how old is your baby and are they breastfed or formula-fed?) Again, I know every baby is different, but I keep reading that once a day is “normal” (for BF babies)… Ryan is 5 mo old and has about 4 poopy diapers a day!!!

6. Give me some of your best summer activities (that I can do with a 5-7 mo old baby!) We’re already signed up for a swim class in July… and of course, going for walks, swinging at the park, etc… so what else?

I think that’s all for now… I really should write down my questions when they pop into my head because I know I have a ton more. Do YOU have any questions for ME? Let me know!! Maybe I can do another post answering your questions… about anything!… if you don’t want to write them here, you can email me (erdickey at gmail dot com)

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  • For the teeth, I asked a dentist twitter friend of mine. He said you can brush the gums if you want to get in the habit, but it’s totally not necessary, but once a tooth pops up, you should be brushing twice a day around the tooth/teeth.

    Car seat, can’t help, we haven’t had really hot days yet, which is weird for norcal. We will though, so I’ll be interested in what people say.

    Teething-Try Hyland’s Teething Tablets, got mine at CVS Pharmacy. Also I put teethers in the freezer.

    My babe is only 4 months so she’s not speaking yet

    Diapers, anywhere from 3-4 or none for several days. It’s all over the map.

    No clue on summer activities yet, but if you have a museum near you, babies LOVE to look at art on walls, at least mine does. For those super hot days that you just want to get out of the heat.


  • I can’t help too much since I’m in the same boat as you! Jack is definitely teething and biting hard on everything. It can take a long time for a tooth to actually come in though. The store bought teethers that go in the fridge can burst so I decided not to use those. He loves his Sophie the giraffe, but a cheap solution that also eases the pain is to wet a wash cloth and store it in a plastic bag in the fridge. It’s great!

    I plan to start “brushing” his teeth/gums once a tooth comes in. I’m also going to ask his pediatrician at his 6 month visit to see what she recommends. As for the car seat, I just blast the AC until it gets cool and then turn it down some. Not the best, but there really isn’t much you can do.

    As for diapers, Jack is exclusively breastfed and is 5 1/2 months old. He has a poopy diaper once every couple of days. It used to be multiple times a day but as he got bigger, it became less. He isn’t really eating solids yet either (tried cereal a handful of times) so that isn’t a factor. I know a couple of other moms were having issues with blow out diapers and milk intolerances/allergies. Have you ruled that out? Once they cut dairy from their diet, they saw immediate change,

    Hope I helped some!


  • 1. When did you start brushing your baby’s gums? Or did you wait till they had teeth?
    I waited until she got a couple of teeth and then I used a regular soft toothbrush and baby toothpaste.

    2. How do you handle driving in the car in the hot, hot summertime?
    If you can cool down the car before putting him in it that would be ideal. And I don’t know if he’s old enough for other liquids yet but giving him a sippy of water would help keep him cool.

    3. Any teething tips???
    Teething sucks. Give him anything he wants πŸ˜‰ Make him a popsicle or a smoothie. Anything cold will feel good even if it isn’t something he can bite down on.

    4. What was your baby’s first word?
    Avery’s first real word was ‘mine.’

    5. How many poopy diapers do you have a day?
    Avery is 14months and still nurses A LOT. She eats a lot of solids too. She poops about 3 times a day. We are also vegan and vegans tend to poop more than meat eaters.

    6. Give me some of your best summer activities (that I can do with a 5-7 mo old baby!) We’re already signed up for a swim class in July… and of course, going for walks, swinging at the park, etc… so what else?
    That’s pretty much all I did last summer. Play dates are good too.


  • 1. I agree witht the first post. If you want to get in the habit start before teeth come in.

    2. I live in Texas and all I can say is just try to cool the car before putting him in it and when he is old enough give him a sippy of water if the trip is long and you think he may be hot.

    3. My daughter was teething for a few months before she actually got one. She was easy though. Something cold and teething tablets.

    4. Her 1st word was dada and we cannot for the anything get her to say another word. She is getting close to saying mama now, but she is almost 9 months old. I know babies that say 2 or 3 words by now. I think she is just torturing me, haha!!

    5. At almost 9 months we usually have 1 a day. Of course occasionally we have 2 and rarely we skip a day.

    6. Swimming like you said. Go to the park and lay out a blanket. Let him feel the grass and flowers. Not much at that age.


  • Hi, don’t have mah baybee yet, but something I heard on New moms, new babies about the teething: try making a ‘momsicle’. Apparently there are these mesh bags you can by at the store (ex BRU) and you fill them with breastmilk and freeze them. That way he can chew on something yummy AND cold.


    babydickey Reply:

    Ruby – oh my gosh, we have some of those!! We got them as a shower gift a long time ago and I totally forgot about them…. great idea!! thanks!

    Beth – that is too cute that he yells mamammama , awww! And completely disgusting that he eats spiders, haha – I’m deathly afraid of them! eek!

    Thanks to everyone for the advice, love it!


  • 1. We are awful about this. M got his first teeth at 5 months. We didn’t start brushing until about a month ago… and that’s spotty at best. I’d highly suggest to start NOW because M absolutely despises it. He clamps his little mouth shut the second I touch the toothbrush.
    2. On days that it’s REALLLLLY hot, I treat it the same that I did when it was reallllly cold – I turn the car on and let the air blast for a bit before I put M in the car.
    3. Baltic amber, and hylands teething tablets. M doesn’t like the frozen teether toys, but he does like it if I take a washcloth, get it damp, and toss it in the freezer for 5 minutes. It’s cold, but still soft and easy to chew on.
    4. A, I, and my Mom are fairly certain he now says Mama and means me. Yesterday I walked out of the room and he started screaming mamamamamamamamamamama and stopped the second I came back in and picked him up.
    5. M is not at all consistent with poop. Some days we have 4, some we have 1. I wouldn’t worry about Ryan… as long as he’s pooping, you’re cool.
    6. This sounds ridiculous, but have Ryan help you garden! M loves sitting next to me and I pull out weeds and toss them next to him. He thinks it’s hilarious and will pick up the weeds and shake the dirt off them! It’s not the cleanest activity, so strip that boy down… but it’s a ton of fun. M also really loves to eat spiders. So watch out for that πŸ™‚


  • 1. We won’t until he gets some teeth.

    2. We just try to open the doors for a minute first, then roll down the windows until the AC air starts getting cold, then we roll up the windows.

    3. 6.5 months and still not teething, THANK GOODNESS! Although now i totally expect that he’s going to be teething when we have to take a 20 hour plane ride to our new home in china in august. EEEEP!

    4. Killian’s been saying mom and mama all his life, so i have no idea when i’m supposed to count it as “real”!

    5. He’s still EBF (only 2 days has he had a bite of something more, he hates it) and he usually poops every other day or so. Sometimes longer in between, sometimes less.

    6. We’re going on vacations (florida, bahamas, LA!) this summer and then moving, so we can’t take any classes or anything, but we have a kiddie pool (he LOVES the water) & I’m going to be trying to make a baby carrier soon so he can enjoy all the festivals and such with us.


  • hippie4ever

    I waited till my son had teeth to brush them (soft correctly sized brush, non-flouridated toothpaste), but got him accustom to opening his mouth on command – mainly because he liked to put everything in there.

    Working on figuring out what to do about this horrible heat! Right now, I open all the windows, sometimes doors too, to cool it off. Try to park in the shade, and provide him with cooling drinks, which he often spills on himself for bonus cooling πŸ™‚ I recommend water if you have a spiller. I’ve read somewhere about a cooling mat that is put in the car seat, but then all the car seat manufacturers don’t recommend anything be put in the seats πŸ™

    For teething we’ve used Tylenol and baby orajel sporadically, many wooden and cloth teethers, Smart Mom Teething Bling (My son LOVES it) and the best thing, when at home anyway, has been homemade popsicles. We purchased the stainless steel molds from Tickle Trunk so we could avoid the sugary mess available in the store, honestly even the health store’s organic pops are full of sugar! His favorite recipe so far is coconut milk and mango pureed and frozen.

    I now believe his first word was Dada, at the time he was saying it, 5 months, I thought it was to soon and when I asked him who Dada was he wouldn’t point or repeat the word…so I thought I was jumping to conclusions πŸ™‚ Now he says Dada, Mama, Hi, Bye, Outside…sometimes Dog, Woof and Yes. Plus lots and lots of dramatic sounds and hand gestures πŸ™‚ We keep planning to teach him to sign…

    My son was exclusively breastfed for 7 months and still nurses regularly now at 14 months: he had 4 or more poopy diapers daily while exclusive BFing. When we transitioned to solids he didn’t have a BM for 3 days and then it seemed as if he had one HUGE one every few hrs for several days. He now goes 2-4 times a day.

    My son LOVES to just be OUTSIDE πŸ™‚


  • hippie4ever

    The Shopping Mama is having a review and giveaway for the Cold Seat: a freezer pad that is placed over the car seat to keep it cool, then removed before putting the child in the seat.



    babydickey Reply:

    awesome, thanks for sharing hippie4ever! I’ll go check it out right now πŸ™‚


  • Emily

    I just found your blog and love it! I wish I had written stuff down about my kids. I don’t remember when my first had any of her mile stones because I was preoccupied with being pregnant again…giving my two children a year apart.

    My answers to your questions:
    1. I started before the teeth started coming so they would become used to it, plus, if you get the one that goes on your finger with the little rubber nubbies they love how it feels and laugh.
    2. I live in AZ and I worry about this all the time. He is always warm/sweaty at the end of a ride.
    3. there are really neat teething tablets (homeopathic) that you can put under the tongue. THe melt instantly and you can use as many as you want. They are magic…however, teething still equals torture for mom
    4. Uh oh…when she dropped something. If you meant like a real word, then it was Bye Bye on her first b-day.
    5. I breast fed until 6 months and there was way more than 1 a day. Even now that my 8 month old is on formula he poops a lot. Yesterday he had 3 right in a row in the morning, but today he had only one. My understanding is that its all normal until there is blood or no poop for three days (and then give them 4 ounces of water and it all comes out.
    6. I took my first child to the children’s museum in Phoenix, AZ. There is a baby room with mirrors and textured stuff. She loved it. I figured my baby wont remember any of it so I walked around Target when I wanted something to do.


  • 1. I started “brushing” A’s teeth right when he got them in at 6 months and now he loves to brush his teeth!

    2. We live in Florida and it gets pretty hot so we worry about the same thing. But really, if the AC is on and he isn’t dresses for a snowstrom, he should be fine πŸ™‚

    3. We made A breastmilk pops with the mesh food things. Place a little breastmilk in them, freeze them, and serve! It does get messy though. We also put his teething rings in the fridge to get super cold and he loved it.

    4. A said dada at 5 months old πŸ™ He didn’t say mama unitl like 6.5-7 months. I am convinced L’s first word will be mama, we practice every night πŸ™‚ He is starting to babble a lot so I’m trying to get him to do the mmmm. and the mmmmama! lol.

    5. L is almost 4 months old and is EBF. He poops every other day or once a day but no more than that.

    6. Swimming is def a great thing to do with Ryan. Also, try to sign up for a mommy and me class or mommy/baby yoga!


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