Antidepressants and miscarriages

I didn’t learn until AFTER my cesarean that they can result in fertility issues later on–I cried for days. If an egg tries to attach to the incision site on my uterus, I will lose it and miscarry. I would be beyond devastated–not only for the loss of the baby, but because my cesarean was the cause (meaning I was the cause… it would be my fault, all over again). I am not sure that is something I would be able to deal with… needless to say, as much as I want another baby, I’m terrified.

I am not on antidepressants and don’t believe I need them. But I can imagine that many women take some form after birth (postpartum depression), especially after a cesarean (added trauma). I get emails from and the headline today made me cry…. anything related to birth usually makes me cry :/ …. and I felt I had to share what it said, for all the other mamas that are out there. I had never heard this before so it’s news to me–maybe it’s not to the rest of you??

Antidepressants during pregnancy cause alarming 68% increased risk of miscarriage. It has been known that antidepressants used during the first trimester of pregnancy may increase the risk of birth defects, especially heart problems. A study recently published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal stated that almost 4% of pregnant women take these types of drugs at some point in their first trimester…. and the new study says this increases their risk of miscarriage by 68%. The study analyzed classes, types and doses of drugs and collected information on 5,124 women who had miscarried by week 20 and compared them to similar women who carried to full term. Of the women who miscarried, 284 were on antidepressants.

I decided to google what the risk of miscarriage is in the first trimester… a 68% increase seems huge, but if the risk is really tiny to begin with, antidepressants move the risk from “really tiny” to “tiny.” Well, the chance of miscarriage is about 10-20%. So the use of antidepressants raise that risk to 16.8-33.6% (if I did my math correctly). That does concern me, that is pretty high. If 1 in 3 women end up with a cesarean (and I was one), I hate the nearly 1 in 3 odds just created by those drugs for a miscarriage.

Anyway, I just wanted to spread the word. I realize there may not be anything some women on antidepressants can do, but if they weren’t aware of this, at least now they have a reason. Now they may know WHY they’re miscarrying, and I think that would help, even just a little.

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