First the FDA, now the WHO?

I don’t trust the FDA. At all. “FDA Approved” means diddly-squat to me. But that’s not what this post is for, so let’s not get into it. This post is for WHO. The World Health Organization… who I would like to believe works for the people (for real). I mean, they do recommend breastfeeding until the age of 2 so they can’t be too bad, right?!

Then I read this and I don’t know what to think–it’s hard to trust anyone. WHO scandal exposed: advisors received kickbacks from H1N1 vaccine manufacturers.

H1N1 is another thing I never went for–even though I was pregnant at the time of the “scare” and was top on the list to receive the vaccine. Uh-uh, no thanks, count me out.

Now, this article says there’s a report (published in the British Medical Journal) revealing that the top scientists who convinced the WHO to declare an H1N1 global pandemic held (surprise, surprise) close financial ties to the drug companies that profited from the sale of those vaccines. Really, are you shocked?

The article goes on to say that during all of this, the WHO refused to disclose any conflicts of interest between its top advisors and the drug companies that would benefit financially. The kickbacks were kept silent and the WHO didn’t think the rest of us needed to know that the people wanting the pandemic declared stood to make a fortune.

I’m so frustrated with…. people. What do you think? Had anyone else heard about this or know any more information about it? I got this in one of my email newsletters and don’t really have any time to research it further. But I completely believe it happened and I’m not at all surprised. And that is disappointing.

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  • So infuriating, I just want to go on a face-punching, groin-kicking spree. Ugh!

    But I did call that. h1n1 was so obviously a scam. I hate that there isn’t huge movements against corruption. Everyone just sits back and acts like it’s inevitable or nothing can be done. Bull!


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