McFatty Monday: week 1

My friend over at Mama B has starting posting a weekly “McFatty Monday” because she’s trying to lose her baby weight and belly. She’s eating better, exercising and keeping track of her progress–she even posts pictures of herself and belly (brave lady!). Her posts were inspiring me to do the same… maybe not the bare belly pictures… but the announcing to the world (ya, didn’t you know the world reads my blog?? ok, well my 8500 visitors a month feels like the world!) my weight and eating habits. So here we go…

I gained 30 pounds while pregnant and I’m almost back down to pre-preggo weight. I currently weigh 120 and have about 4 more pounds to go. But it’s really not the weight that bothers me… 120 is fine… it’s the belly. I look fine standing, but when I sit–hello! It’s like folds of extra skin. Where is it supposed to go?! I need my abs back. Plus, I feel wider all over. I went from a pant size of 2-4 to 4-6 and a shirt size XS-S to M-L. And honestly, I don’t really care. I’ve never been that self-conscious. It’s just that… it’s hard to get used to. It sucks that none of my clothes fit. It sucks that I need to buy a whole new wardrobe in bigger sizes than I’m used to. And when I try to wear an old shirt? It just makes me feel fat–even if I’m not. Just think, “fat guy in a littttle coat,” except that he really was fat. 😉

The last picture I took post-partum at 12-weeks. I’m now 24 weeks and have trimmed a bit off that belly, but don’t have a picture yet:

I eat pretty well… meaning that I don’t eat a lot. I don’t have time. So that doesn’t necessarily mean I eat WELL. I was on a salad kick for awhile… and I’m taking spinach salads with almonds, carrots, sunflower seeds, blueberries, raspberries and raspberry vinaigrette dressing–YUM! Sometimes I skip breakfast because I don’t have time, otherwise it’s cereal. I eat out for lunch a LOT because I work in a small office (6 people) and we usually all order together. But I justify that by saying I don’t really eat dinner… so lunch is my big meal of the day. At dinnertime, Steve is at work and I haven’t mastered the skill of cooking a nice meal [for one] while taking care of Ryan (probably because I just don’t want to). So again, I usually end up with cereal or soup or a sandwich.

I have one cup of coffee every morning. Then usually water all day and one glass of pop in the afternoon–it’s like my snack. Otherwise, Steve does the grocery shopping and buys mostly organic/non-GMO/healthy foods. We have basically no snack food in this house, which drives me nuts sometimes, but I know it’s better for us. We also signed up to receive a box full of veggies every week from local organic farms–we get our first box tomorrow!!! I’m not a huge veggie eater, but have learned to like a lot more since marrying Steve and am excited to see what we can make with all of these. RECIPES, anyone?!

As for exercise… it doesn’t exist. I work in an office, sitting down. My exercise is carrying around my 17-pound child. My arms and back get a great workout, but the rest of me? Not so much. If it’s nice out and not too hot and I have time, I’ll take Ryan outside for a walk. I can’t exactly leave the house for an exercise class at night because Steve’s at work. I NEED to start doing an exercise DVD, but when Ryan naps I want to get other things done… not workout. How do other moms deal with that? When do you find time?! Maybe I’m just not motivated enough…. which is where McFatty Mondays comes in! I’m hoping if I have to report to all of you each week how I’m doing, I’ll be more likely to work at it. I don’t really feel like I’ve got a lot of weight to lose though, so we’ll have to see how I end up gaging my success.

In better news… my fave size 4 M.Kors jeans from pre-pregnancy fit very comfortably (and almost loosely) now! I had been wearing them with a rubber band around the button, hahaha. And 5 pounds recently just disappeared. After the initial weight loss after pregnancy, I plateaued for quite awhile. But just now things seem to be picking back up again–well, those 5 pounds at least. I’m sure I’ll be at 120 for some time now. (I know, I know, 120 isn’t bad… it’s not the weight I care about–it’s being FIT, being in shape, being toned. That’s what McFatty Mondays are about for me.)

~exercise! I’ll aim low to start: do my post-natal exercise DVD at least once this week and get out to walk Ryan twice
~eat out less at work, make my lunch more often
~attempt to make dinner–and save leftovers for lunches?!
~drink more water–especially with breastfeeding, I don’t drink nearly enough water

Next week I’ll post a picture. But it’s bedtime right now 😉 Please leave me your tips and exercises and recipes!

5 comments to McFatty Monday: week 1

  • Oh how I would kill to be 120 pounds! haha. Great post mama! I workout while Lucas is napping or having tummy time. Workout DVD’s are often only 20-30 minutes, so it doesn’t take up too much time and you still are getting a nice workout. Getting into the routine of working out everyday, or every other, is hard especially with a baby but you’ll have SO much more energy after you start working out. (and you’ll feel great!)

    I agree with you, I’m not too concerned with the weight numbers, I just really want to tone and tighten. And really, I am doing this as a lifestyle change, something that I will continue to do even after I reach my goals. I think its so important to teach our kids from early on how to eat right and stay fit.

    You should try the 30 Day Shred. Its avail at Target for only 9 bucks! I’m so glad you joined in the fun and I’m looking forward to pictures next week! Yay for #workoutbuddies!! 🙂


  • Good luck! And you do know it’s Heir to Blair who started McFatty Monday, right? She has a post every week and people can comment with a link to their post of the week. Just sayin’.


  • omg. I did not know this…



  • Thanks Ruby, for letting me know. I don’t read Heir to Blair so I had no idea. I’ll get the button I made changed asap 😉


  • I am far from 5 pounds away from pre-preggo weight but I gain a ton of weight so I’m paying now. I know what you mean about finding time to exercise. I was a big home workout fan pre-baby but I can’t do workouts while the baby is napping. I get all nervous that he’ll wake up I won’t be able to finish so I’d rather not start!

    The only thing that works for me is to exercise first thing in the morning. I go to a 6AM bootcamp 3X a week and head to work after. I also run or do home workouts on the two other weekdays, but only in the morning when I’m not responsible for baby care (DH is!). Mornings are my “no excuses” time. If I get to bed at a decent hour, getting up at 5AM to exercise is no problem.


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