laws of illusion

I’M GOING TO LILITH FAIR! Yep, July 17th, I’ll be there. I love Sarah McLachlan. She hasn’t had a studio album out in 7 years. SEVEN! So when her long-awaited, new album hit stores June 15th, I was really excited. It’s called Laws of Illusion and “Loving You Is Easy” is the first single from the CD.

1 – Awakenings
2 – Illusions of Bliss
3 – Loving You Is Easy
4 – Changes
5 – Forgiveness
6 – Rivers of Love
7 – Love Come
8 – Out of Tune
9 – Heartbreak
10 – Don’t Give Up On Us
11 – U Want Me 2
12 – Bring On The Wonder

I love this new CD… I love everything of Sarah’s. She has a distinctive voice and you can always tell when it’s her voice coming over the radio. I love singing along–when I’m driving in the car alone, of course, haha. I could never hit those notes like Sarah!

This CD is mellow and relaxing… just like all of Sarah’s stuff. It’s perfect background music or bubble bath music! It’s nice for my lil guy Ryan too because I know he won’t pick up any bad words from it 😉 and it’s a nice way to calm down at the end of the day.

Did you know that every one of Sarah’s (yea, we’re on a first name basis) albums has been certified gold, platinum or multi-platinum by the RIAA and she’s had over 20 million career sales to date. If you want to see when she’ll be performing near you, check out all the Lilith Fair tour dates!

Find the Laws Of Illusion on Amazon for $10.99. You can also find Sarah on twitter and facebook.

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