Updates on the lil man

I’ve just been thinking about Ryan and what’s new – things I should have included in his 6-month birthday post! So for my own general “records,” here’s some random stuff:

*he’s in size 3 diapers and has been there for awhile – and will probably stay there for awhile

*he now has 2 teeth. The second came yesterday and there’s a third working its way out too! Poor lil guy has been pretty miserable over it.

*we missed his 6 mo ped appt (ooops!) so no updates there. I’m guessing he’s… 18 lb, 26 inches.

*he’s wearing size 12 mo clothes!!! I sure hope he slows down now. He can still wear his 9 mo clothes though, but also fills the 12 mo pretty well. Stop getting so big, Ryan!

Still exclusively breastfeeding… still co-sleeping… still babywearing.

I think that’s it! Happy 4th everyone! I’m writing this from my cell phone – no computer all weekend! Be back tomorow 😉

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