A letter to the men of Iran

It was announced that the Iranian woman accused of adultery would NOT be stoned to death. The international outcry at this barbaric and inhumane treatment caused judicial authorities in Iran to release a statement retracting her stoning sentence. However, she remains on death row and it looks as though they will hang her instead after all the hype dies down.

There is no victory here. Death by hanging for a mother of two who was forced to “confess” is equally as sickening.

And? All media outlets have been banned from reporting on the issue. Newspapers, agencies, and TV channels–no one can comment on her death sentence.

AND the statement that she will not be stoned to death was NOT released in Iran–nor was the stoning death sentence for 15 other Iranians.

The last time a woman was stoned to death was in 2007–she also had been forced to confess to adultery when they threatened to pour boiling water over her head if she didn’t. Her execution was done in secret.

I cannot stop thinking about this and I have some thoughts for the men of Iran:

Do you not realize that you wouldn’t be here today, in this world, were it not for women? How can you have so little respect for the strong and courageous females that birthed you and fed you? What are you compensating for? Are you so little minded, so ignorant and cowardly, that you have to publicly display these chauvinistic acts against human-kind? Stoning a woman to death as she’s half buried in the ground… does that make you feel like big, strong men? Does that finally make you feel important? Well it makes me, and the rest of the world, feel sick. You’re a disgrace.

*I realize this happens in other places. Saudi Arabia… Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan… and why it’s so hard to change? Read about Sharia Law.*

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