New blog!! Help me name it!

I’m going to make another blog to separate my personal posts from my reviews and giveaways. I know some of you like both in one spot, but I think I mainly have readers who are here for my personal posts… and other readers who are here only for my giveaways. Baby Dickey will be my personal blog (because that’s how it started). My new blog will host the reviews and giveaways… but I need help naming it!! I want to keep it connected to “baby dickey” so it’s easily known they’re both mine–and they’ll link to each other. But my creative mind is MIA and I need your help! Here are some suggestions I got from twitter. Feel free to add your own idea–you can leave it in a comment below too, otherwise others who come to vote won’t be able to see it! 🙂 Also… I need to be careful with my last name, I think… I mean, with how I use it–things could be taken the wrong way 😉

Thank you!

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