We compost, do you?

We’re all about being green, recycling, and all that good jazz. We’ve had gardens in the past, but we’re in a new house and didn’t have time to set one up this year. However, we DID start composting. My hubby made a nice little compost pile in our backyard….

Pretty, right? Okay, okay, it’s an eye-sore. I know. Can someone tell my hubby that? But what to do… we want to compost, we want it for our garden next year, we love putting waste to use.

TA-DA! Clean Air Gardening came through for us. Remember my post awhile back about the kitchen composter they sent us? Yea, they saved our kitchen too! This time we were lucky enough to review their NEW Spin Bin Compost Tumbler.

It’s made from recycled plastic right here in the US and holds 60 gallons. I love that it has lids on both ends so it doesn’t matter which side is up–easy access. Plus, the lids lock to help keep animals away–an issue we had with our open air compost pile!!!

I know what you’re thinking–doesn’t compost need oxygen? That’s the same thing my hubby was worried about. Have no fear! The Spin Bin has plenty of ventilation slots. There are also holes to stick in a thermometer to get an accurate temperature reading–the dark color helps absorb sunlight to keep it nice and warm.

New to composting? The Spin Bin seriously couldn’t make it any easier. It was really easy to put together and there are even composting instructions under the lid!

Overall, it’s sturdy and well-made, looks MUCH better in our backyard, and composts quickly with the spin action, ventilation and heat. LOVE IT! I hated dumping waste in our open air one–it was hard to keep aerated too. But this one has helped a ton!

Clean Air Gardening also has all the accessories: compost thermometer, composting booklet, compost activator, etc. So head there for ALL your green gardening needs! You can buy your own Spin Bin compost tumbler for $169.99.

Do you compost? Or would you like to start? If you have any questions about it feel free to ask away! I love sharing and helping others become more green 😉 If you have any compost tips, feel free to share those here too!

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