tubby tuesdays: fail

I suck at Tubby Tuesdays. I haven’t posted one in… two weeks? I don’t have time. But also… I don’t really have anything to report. I’m only 3 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight so I don’t see myself dropping that anytime soon. I guess I SHOULD be updating on tubby tuesdays with my awesome workouts and healthy new recipes. But that would mean I actually need to be working out and cooking healthy meals.


Wait, popcorn for dinner is kinda healthy….. right?

I haven’t even been taking Ryan for walks. It’s usually too hot. Or raining. And because I work 30 hours a week, when Ryan naps or plays–I need to get stuff done. Exercising (or cooking) is just NOT on the list. What can I do about that?! I guess I need more motivation and I just don’t have it. I have too many other things going on…. for example, today I worked until 3:30, got home with Ryan at 4 and put him down for a nap… it’s 4:30 and I get something to eat (cereal) and sit down to check my email. I get ready for swim class and as soon as Ryan wakes up at 5:30, we’re out the door. We get home at 7 and I have to put him down for bed… it took an hour. So 8pm and I’m finally ready to eat some dinner (turkey sandwich?), check my email, write a blog post, do some laundry, pick up Ryan’s toys.

And tomorrow? After work I’m going to the local college to sign papers so I can teach in the spring. Then we have swim class again, we’ll be gone 5:45-7. Then from 7:15 to probably 10pm two lovely ladies from my ICAN group are coming over.

Cooking? No thanks. Working out? Absolutely not.

Maybe I’ll try those pills Mancow talks about on his radio show. Yea, the ones that make you “high school skinny.” What if you were overweight in high school? That slogan sucks. And by the way, I’m totally kidding. I’m not taking any placebo pills.

Okay… let’s work on SMALL goals this week. DRINK MORE WATER!!! Remember my daily vitamins/minerals. Go on one walk with Ry-Ty.

And let me just point out that my #workoutbuddy Becca over at Mama B is also way behind on her Tubby Tuesday posts 😉 There, now I don’t feel so bad, haha. But to be fair, she has been working on an awesome post to win a sponsorship to BlogHer10! (did you know she’s my roomie?!) So go read it, watch her awesome video, and help her WIN!

How/WHEN do you squeeze in exercise? Better yet… HOW do you motivate yourself??!

((okay, I promised some pictures. here ya go…))

Yep, it’s that whole area all the way around that I’m about to grab with my hand–I’ve never had that before.

Side view. Still a little baby belly pouch. I know it’s not bad, but it’s not normal for me.

Oh, and don’t mind the crazy redness in these pictures… I took these 2 weeks ago after my TERRIBLE sunburn.

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  • I feel like I’m NEVER going to lose any more weight! It’s been 4 months and I still have about 12 lbs. to go. I’ve totally plateaued. I’ve been fitting in 3 workouts a week on average (far below my pre-pregnancy regime) and, while I do seem to be getting a tiny bit stronger and building back some of my cardio endurance, I’m not losing any weight! It must be because I’m eating like a horse, but I am seriously hungry all the time. I need to eat more veggies and fewer sweets, I know. But I hear you on the cooking. I mean, when is that supposed to happen?! Hang in there and take one day at a time!


    babydickey Reply:

    Thanks. And ya know, I plateaued for awhile too–right around that time–with about 8-10 pounds to go. All of a sudden, it was nearly all gone and now I only have 3 pounds to go. I’ve heard people say if you’re breastfeeding and stick with it past 6 months, that’s when it really starts to help with the weight loss! I’m hoping 😉


  • Well, I’m hoping breastfeeding does it for me! haha. But I have failed too 🙁 I actually gained 5 pounds on vacation! UGH!

    BUT I think you look great!! You are busy busy, way busier than I am. I have no excuses, you kinda do. I think if you do 50 crunches + 50 jumping jacks before bed, that’s a great start. Don’t have time?! Find time! I’ll be sure to tweet at ya to remind! lol.

    The pic of you “pinching” you stomach made me laugh 🙂 and I love love love your hair!


  • With my first, I held onto about 7 extra pounds which came off when he was 9 months old, still breastfeeding. Then I was thinner than before I got prego. With number two I gained more weight, and it took longer to come off. I am about 3 lbs. over my starting weight with number 2, and I know exactly how to get it off. Cut out sugar, but at this point, chocolate is all I have going for me on some days, so my jeans are going to have to settle for a little MMs weight.

    Best advice if you can’t exercise, or cook, try to eat as many whole foods as possible, i.e. apple instead of crackers, nuts instead of chips. I don’t do anything low-fat, but just eat less of the real stuff. With no time to cook, try to prepare stuff on the weekends. I like to bake a bunch of chicken breasts, then I slice them up, portion them out, and stick them in the freezer. Make a big salad on Sunday night, store it in a containter with a damp papertowel on it, and that will get you through a few days. Then come dinnertime, you can toss some of your chicken on it, and you are good to go. This also works well for pasta. If time is an issue during the week, then prepare more food on the weekend, it will really help.

    When all else fails, catch a stomach virus. It can be brutal, but there is no better way to lose ~7 lbs in 24 hours! (Just kidding 🙂



    babydickey Reply:

    and those are good tips! i really should make more of an effort to make food on the weekends… lately we’ve been spending every weekend at the in law’s lakehouse, but this weekend and next we’ll be home! and i TOTALLY agree- a few extra pounds are totally worth the M&Ms. Absolutely. I’d die without chocolate. 😉


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