how “green” are you?

This is like the ultimate way to be green… having NO trash. I like to think we’re pretty green–we recycle, we compost, we barely have any trash. But we do have trash. Look at this way: in nature, there is no trash. What is waste from one, becomes food or shelter for another. Everything is used. Why can’t we do that? That’s where TerraCycle comes in! They take what cannot be recycled and they “upcycle” it to make products you can use.

TerraCycle is fairly new, but is quickly spreading around the world. They pay schools, daycares, families, anybody! 2 cents to send in waste that would otherwise sit in a landfill. How do you get involved and help save the earth?

Check out the products they’re accepting and join the “brigade” (or collection team). For example, we eat lots of Stonyfield organic yogurt and they collect those containers! Two brigades that may interest all of you: Huggies and Sprout Baby Food! You can also send in candy or cookie wrappers, chip bags, gum packaging, old pens and pencils… lots of stuff! Are you involved in a community group? At your child’s school? Set up an account! Raise money AND save the earth! I’m working on getting registered myself!

AND you can help out by purchasing their upcycled products.. they have some awesome stuff. School bags, coolers, pouches and totes, coasters, picture frames, cleaner… it’s amazing what they can make! Check out what I got:

A cute Capri Sun lunch box (cosmetics case? milk cooler?) and a Drink Pouch Tote (great for my laptop, for work!) that Ryan had his hands on 🙂

AND we got some awesome Circuit Board Coasters:

Want to win some of your own way-cool upcycled products? TWO WINNERS will each get a pencil case AND a circuit board picture frame!

To enter, go here: Baby Dickey’s Giveaways

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