I’m so thankful

…for Simplisse Breastfeeding Products, for a number of reasons. 1) They sponsored this trip to BlogHer10 and I’m having a blast! 2) I really love their products and 3) they care about breastfeeding moms (and we need that kind of support!)

To me, Simplisse is innovative. They’re producing products that truly help breastfeeding moms. With the help of lactation consultants, product engineers and fellow moms, they are improving upon the products that are generally offered on the market. It hasn’t been done before because it hasn’t been cost-effective. Simplisse put the needs of breastfeeding moms above that. They did it. Come on, a breastpump with a flexible “babyface” breastcup?! It just makes sense. Try it and you’ll never go back. I CAN’T WAIT for the release of their double electric breastpump in the next few months.

I’ve met so many wonderful people (should I name drop?!) and have had so many great conversations here at BlogHer. Breastfeeding is a topic many moms can relate to and it has been a nice way to start up conversation. I’m excited to tell people about Simplisse and they seem excited to learn. Making breastfeeding the norm starts with education and I’m thrilled that I get to be at this event, with all these amazing people, spreading the word about breastfeeding. A huge thank you to Simplisse for making that possible!

Get this. I’m using the Simplisse breastmilk storage bags–so that I can safely take home all this liquid gold for Ryan!!!  AND they saved Allison (@OMyFamily) who ran out of bags and was in full engorgement horror! THEN… I’m taking my Simplisse essential lactation vitamins and minerals to help me start my day–AND they saved Gina (@feministbreeder) who discovered last night that she’s PREGNANT! Congrats mama 🙂 Simplisse saves the day 😉

Pictures to come when I get home!

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