playing Santa at BlogHer10 :)

Seriously, that’s what it felt like! I love giving gifts and making people happy. At my last job, I was the accountant and got to hand out the paychecks–best part of the job! Making people 🙂 And it was the same at BlogHer. Thanks to my sponsor, Simplisse Breastfeeding Products, I got to hand out some awesome swag bags to some very excited people!


These swag bags had 3 of their most popular products: nipple cream, breastmilk storage bags, and breast pads! I received comments like: “This is one swag bag I’m really excited about because I know I’ll actually use it!” and “This stuff sounds really great, I can’t wait to use it!” I even had people picking up the swag to take all the way home for a friend. I gave away 15 of these swag bags over twitter too, for people at home! I emailed some of them today for addresses (this Santa gig just keeps on going!) and I love when people get super excited 🙂 I should pass that excitement over to Simplisse though because they’re the ones who made all of this possible!

Gina (@feministbreeder) who had just found out she's PREGGO! Congrats!

Tara (@militarymama)

Becca (@mamabmy) with Lucas

Jenn (@babymakingmama) & lil J

I hope everyone enjoys their Simplisse products! I apologize if you signed up in advance for a bag and we were unable to meet up due to either one of our schedules. I hope you check out their stuff and take a look next time you’re at Babies R Us!

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