do you brush your baby’s teeth?

So Ryan has two bottom teeth. We never brushed his gums prior to having teeth… maybe we should have? I know we didn’t need to… kinda like I know I didn’t need that ice cream after dinner. But I had it anyway. We should have brushed anyway.

Why? Ryan hates when we go near his mouth. He’s sees us coming with the brush and you’d think world war 3 was starting. How did all 18 pounds of him become stronger than all 115 lb of me?! I wonder if we had started this habit when he was younger, he’d be more used to it. When did you start? If you were late, like us, how did your baby take it and HOW’D YOU DO IT?!

I guess I don’t have the best brushing habits. I hate when the dental assistant (ya know, when I went that one time. two years ago.) asks how often I floss. Um, well, everyday, don’t you?!

So I wonder how I’ll instill better habits in Ryan. I think it will help me improve my own habits as well. Here’s my idea: 5 simple things you can do for your child to keep their smiles healthy and bright:

1. Brush with him (twice a day), make it mommy and child time. Like it’s FUN! Because it is… right?! YEA! Okay, this includes making sure you brush for 2 minutes (maybe we’ll make it like a game–who can brush longer?! OHHH, mommy loses!) Oh, and flossing once a day…

2. I don’t think I ever hated the dentist to the point where I’d refuse to go, so I’m hoping Ryan is the same. But I’d try to find a dentist that’s great with kids, that’s friendly to Ryan and makes him feel comfortable…. and remind him that he gets a PRIZE at the end of it!!! We always got a sticker or pencil or something totally awesome.

3. Always sugar-free gum. That’s an easy one. And one I already do.

4. Take pictures of his beautiful, pearly white smile! If it’s something he can be proud of, he’ll be more likely to maintain it… right?! (I’m new to this parenting thing. So I guess we’ll find out!)

5. Eat healthy and try to stay away from sugary foods. Mommy needs to work on this one too! And when you do cheat and have something yummy, brush afterwards!

Any more tips??? Besides starting them young?!

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