Our poor attempt at babyproofing

Ryan started crawling a few weeks ago and shortly after he started pulling himself up to stand. Just the other day he started scooting along the side of the couch while standing. We have a mobile machine!

And we totally weren’t prepared. I figure you should probably babyproof BEFORE your baby is able to get all over the house, so you don’t run into problems like this:

Little stinker! And outlets are even more attractive to little baby fingers when they’re low to the ground and baby can crawl right up to them. How do they always know what they aren’t supposed to do? We learning quickly that outlet covers were a MUST HAVE.

Depending on the layout of your house, baby gates are allow probably a must have. We have a pretty large room and we’re able to close a sliding door to the kitchen and french doors to the porch. That leaves us with one opening–to the main hallway. Problem is, it’s like a double-sized doorway… we’re going to need one of those jumbo sized gates. We haven’t gotten around to buying one yet (any tips?!?!) so we’ve been using couch cushions! We have a MASSIVE couch (an “L” shaped one) so a few missing cushions don’t really matter. But I can’t say it looks very nice, haha.

Furniture? How do you handle desks and tables with all those sharp corners? Most things we just watch out for–we keep an eye on him, but now that he can stand, it’s a little bit harder. He’ll use our ends tables to pull himself up and unless we go pull him away, there’s the danger of him falling or hitting his head when he plops back down. (Yes, once he did this and I saw blood and I FREAKED OUT, but he had only scraped his gums (or something) and was totally fine and back to playing about 2 minutes later.

We have totally removed our coffee table. It was too big of a target for him! But I’d love to have one, so I’ve been looking. Even if you get a round or oval one, it still has edges, you know? So I’ve discovered ottomans. Anyone else use these as coffee tables??? There are some cute ones! This one has storage too (toy box?!) and is only like $70..

Not bad, right? And soft for Ryan!! But I need to find a matching one…  I’ve seen bumper-like things?? That people sell to babyproof corners of furniture. But – ugly! Right? I’ve also seen corner protector things you can snap on? But I’ve heard (and I’d imagine!) that the baby can pull those right off!

Cabinet locks. We don’t have any of those on yet, mainly because Ryan doesn’t really go anywhere with cabinets. Sometimes we let him crawl around the kitchen, but only when we’re in there–and our cabinets are kinda babyproofed already! I mean, they snap shut, so they’re pretty hard for him to pull open (so far).

WHAT ELSE?! What else do we need, what’s unnecessary? Like the toilet lid locks… really? I suppose I’m thinking of Ryan as he is right now–but I guess when he’s a bit older and way more mischievous, we’ll want a toilet lock?! Haha.

Tips and stories appreciated! 🙂

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  • Maybe I’m going to be a bad mom to Demi when she starts walking and crawling but I’m NOT baby proofing my house to the extent you are. I am doing the cabinet locks for the bathroom and kitchen since they are on the main floor where she plays. Two baby gates for our stairs. That’s it. No more no less.

    I already have “soft” furniture in our family room where she mainly stays so I don’t have to worry about her hitting her head on any hard corners. (I have something similar to what you posted above with two matching end tables). The kitchen table is bar style so its tall. Unless Demi grows up super quick she won’t be bumping her head on the table corners or edges…my desk…well it has corners but what can you do?

    The way I see it, we didn’t die growing up when our parents didn’t do all this crazy baby proofing stuff. My mom had MARBLE tables in the house, no carpet or wooden floors but MARBLE floors. I ran through the house once and slipped and hit my chin on the table…I survived. I think that a lot of parents and “experts” really over do it with baby proofing. Yes they know now more than they did when we were children but the amount of things they “suggest” for baby proofing is ridiculous. I say, keep an eye out on your kid and you shouldn’t have to worry too badly.


    babydickey Reply:

    I agree. I think a lot of the babyproofing products are not needed… but people buy them, so they sell them. I’ll never buy the bumpers for tables or edges for desk corners… seems a bit much! And so far, we really have done nothing other than outlet covers because Ryan wouldn’t stop trying to “play” with them, haha. And we must have a gate. Just making sure I’m not missing anything!


  • Don’t have tips yet, but we are in the same boat. Bronwyn is crawling and pulling herself up, and if she starts cruising as quickly as she learned the other two it’ll be within a week. We’ve ditched the coffee table, already had outlet covers from when a friend with kids visited, and that’s about it. We need to install cabinets over our entertainment niche (the baby gate “propped” up for the dog isn’t babyproof, she just pulls it over), get something for the fireplace to keep the glass doors shut. She’s already tried and succeeded to open them, but for now we are leaving the jumperoo in front. Luckily we don’t have stairs. We already leave the dog water bowl outside, so no risk of drowning in the dog bowl. We even already have door handle covers, although it’ll be a bit before she can reach and open doors. Oh and stove knob covers for the gas range are up. If you have front loaders you might want to get a laundry door lock.

    Sorry this was just a stream of consciousness comment.


    babydickey Reply:

    Thanks, I totally forgot about those things! The stove knob covers.. door handle covers… didn’t even think of the washer lock!


  • Ok you DEF need locks for the cabinets. Adam would also get into the cabinets and it’s not so bad if it’s the pots and pans but if it’s the cleaning stuff… yea.

    Outlet covers are a must and if you can find things that fit around door knobs (so Ryan can’t open doors) those are a must too.

    We don’t have anything on our furniture to protect the baby from the corners, Adam never needed anything like that so it’s kinda a waste of money. We didn’t do toilet locks either… but thinking back, we should have because Adam would throw everything into the toielt (my cell phone…)


  • Jessica

    I haven’t started babyproofing yet, but I’m planning to just keep the bathroom doors closed as opposed to using toilet locks.


  • B

    I’m a new follower (also following on twitter @unexpexpectbaby). We’re currently in the midst of babyproofing, and there are so many unnecessary products out there it drives me insane! We’re skipping toilet locks, but we picked up a flat screen TV lock, and if you have a flat screen, I’d 100% recommend getting one as well. I thought it might be extraneous until Ava went for the TV the next day…whew! Good luck!


    babydickey Reply:

    Omgosh, thanks, I hadn’t even heard of that! I suppose it locks it to the wall??? Good call, I wouldn’t have thought of that (until he went and tried to pull it over haha)


  • For the coffee table problem – babies R us has a stretchy pad thing that goes all the way around the edge of your table. I think it’s made by Safety 1st but I’ve only ever seen it at babies r us. We have like 4 of them between here and both sets of grandparents!!


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