Ryan thanks twitter!

Today Ryan told me that he’d like to take a few minutes to thank Twitter. It’s true, if it weren’t for Twitter and some of the lovely people on there, things around here would be a lot different.

Sometimes I wonder if I’d still be breastfeeding. Would I be as aware about the benefits? Would I have given up when I hated it at the beginning?

definitely wouldn’t be switching to cloth diapers. I’d be all hell no, that’s disgusting. But right now, I’m disgusted with myself for having him in disposables for so long and I’m so excited to be switching to cloth!

I wouldn’t have found ICAN and started my own chapter in Rockford. That’s huge. That is life changing.

I wouldn’t have found the LLL (La Leche League) group and attended meetings.

I’d probably be feeding rice cereal and pureed baby foods. But Twitter made me learn about baby led-weaning.

Would I be co-sleeping like I am now? Or would I have let Ryan cry it out?

I wouldn’t have 2 successful blogs, or attended BlogHer in NYC, or have met some amazing women. Seriously, I owe it to twitter.

Twitter has been an incredible tool–not only for marketing and promotion, but for conversing and sharing ideas and learning new things and getting other view points. For answering ALL of my random first-time-mom type questions!

Ryan’s had a snotty nose for over a week, what do I do?

Ryan fell off the bed, I’m freaking out! Do I call the doctor?

Help! Ryan’s only pooping once a day now, he used to poop 3x a day! Is that normal?

Ryan won’t.stop.screaming. I’ve tried everything, what do I do?!

Everyone is telling me I should be feeding him solids by now, help!

Reassure me Ryan’s OK on bmilk and I’m not starving him!

How do we do baby led weaning?

What the HELL is an aio and a fitted and a pocket and an ai2 and an insert and a doubler and a wet bag and a.. aHH!!!!

My boobs are so sore I swear they’re going to fall off, what can I do?

Ryan refuses to nurse, help!

Ryan won’t stop BITING me, how do I get him to stop?!

That can’t even be half of them. Seriously, I have NO IDEA what I’d do without a resource like Twitter. I know I can google these things. But I swear you can’t get info as accurate as from the mouth of other moms. From people who have been there. Searching for that online would take precious minutes moms don’t have–twitter is instant. It IS the new google. And my life (and Ryan’s) are forever changed.

Ryan’s newly chemical-free bum thanks you 🙂

9 comments to Ryan thanks twitter!

  • Awwww…we <3 you too mama….and your adorable little man. I just wish I could have afforded to go to BlogHer to meet all of you.


    babydickey Reply:

    Start thinking about a sponsor for next year!!! 🙂


  • Yes, Twitter is a lifesaver. It’s amazing the relationships and friendships that I have formed with other moms on there.


  • Kim

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with feeding babies pureed food. You say it like it’s a bad thing. :/


    babydickey Reply:

    Ya know, I actually typed out “NOT that there’s anything wrong with that” — and then erased it because I didn’t think it’d be taken that way. All I meant was I would have probably NEVER even heard of baby led weaning. But because I did, we decided we wanted to do it. Nothing against rice cereal or purees at all!!! We give him applesauce – basically a puree. Sorry mama, didn’t mean to offend!


  • Jacinta (SintahValentine)

    Twitter is definitely an awesome resource for mamas. It’s nice to know there’s other moms out there who share the same views about parenting, makes me feel like less of a “hippy” compared to the moms I personally know. Thanks to twitter I found out about BLW too, and I’m so happy I did! I feel like I’m more informed and in tune as a first time mom, thanks to twitter, which I’m also very grateful for. Yay for tweeps! =D


  • Okay, this is going to sound dumb, but I just don’t get Twitter. I’ve tried several times to jump on the bandwagon, but it just doesn’t do anything for me, so maybe I’m going about it wrong. Where do you read everyone’s posts? I spend enough time online via Facebook, email, and blogs. I simply don’t have time to check my Twitter site for constant updates!


  • Wow, I didn’t even read this before my post today but we are SO on the same wavelength!! I heart twitter too… But I could live without the drama 😉


  • kim

    I have never thought to use twitter like a search engine…

    Way to go switching to cloth. I didn’t switch until my little guy was over a year old – but I’m glad I did and the next baby will be in cloth from day one, whenever that is! 🙂

    ps. I live in Rockford…. small world!


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