Back to Blogging: It’s a BABY!

…………did I trick anyone with that title? Do you think I’m preggo?! Sorry, I’m not. With the end of summer and the start of school and Fall, the SITS girls are hosting a Back to Blogging event to help everyone get back into the swing of things. Sounds like fun! Each day this week they’ve assigned a different topic for us to write about, so… today we’re supposed to re-post our VERY FIRST blog post ever. Mine came the day after we found out we were pregnant–a place for friends and family to come and get updates about the baby! Wow, we’ve come a long way! Here it is:

Yesterday, April 19, 2009, Steve and I found out we were 5 weeks pregnant. We’re so excited and don’t even know where to start! It is a constant thought – maybe because the dull cramping that never goes away is there to remind me. It’s fun when we think of random things like how our kid will be one of the oldest in their class (December b-day).

We ran some errands today to start prepping:

–Prenatal vitamins, packed full of iron, folic acid and vitamins b/c
–Tons of healthy food: yogurt, beans, lots of fruits and veggies, cottage cheeeeeeese, etc.
–Picked up books from our previous pregnant friends (a lot for me, 2 for steve) including Prenatal Yoga cards
–A gift from Rachel: PregnancyFit magazine and a (big) book about what baby stuff to buy

Next up: my first doctor visit!

That’s it! Short and sweet. And let me tell you how many of those beans I ate… NONE. Haha. It’s funny to look back at a lot of those old posts in the early days of my pregnancy and see how worried/concerned/anxious/cautious we were!

So what was your very first post about?? What got you started blogging???

3 comments to Back to Blogging: It’s a BABY!

  • Oh my goodness, what a cute first post! I feel the exact same way looking back at my pregnancies (for sure the first one) about how I tried to read all the books and follow every piece of advice… now I now that you just follow your instincts and do the best you can and it’ll be just fine!

    Being that my blog is called Thanks, Mail Carrier, my first post was about how I think the mail carrier hates me… but here he is still bringing me packages, so I guess it has worked out! 🙂


  • Christa

    My first post was similair! I was 5 weeks 3 days preggo and had just found out! My blog was originally for my family too.

    Not so much anymore. Well it is but sometimes it sucks! Lol


  • That’s so sweet!! my first post was way before that point but I forgot SITS was ding this so I just re-posted mine.

    So fun to see how far we’ve all come since the first post!!


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