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All week I’m writing on topics suggested by the SITS girls to help people get back to blogging now that summer is over. Yesterday I reposted my very first post ever. Today I’m supposed to repost one of my favorites… a post I wish more people had read. I didn’t even have one in mind so I went searching through them all and I started at the beginning. Honestly? I couldn’t do it. I was scrolling past the names of the posts and of course we have my weekly pregnancy updates (yawn) and random big, fat preggo stories. Then we move closer to the birth and I see posts titled “My Birth Plan” and “Circumcision.” I couldn’t even bring myself to open them and look. Figuring my birth plan would make me cry–not only seeing what I wanted (and didn’t get), but also probably how naive I was at the time. Circumcision post? Let’s not even go there. I’ll just say no future sons of mine will be circumcised.

I was reminded of a few great things: my preggo talent of resting glasses of milk on my belly, my new outlook on life, anniversaries with the hubby, great friends…

And then a post about my grandpa passing away. And then my birth story. And you know what still kills me about that? Sure most people knew Ryan had been born either by phone, twitter or facebook…. but I didn’t post it on my blog. When I got home from the hospital and was finally out of my drugged up state, the first thing I wrote about wasn’t my baby boy. It wasn’t a picture of him saying LOOK! HE’S SO PERFECT! Nope. It was a post (actually, like 3 or 4 posts) about my birth story. And how horrendous and traumatizing it was and how much I hated it and cried over it.

Then one day I realized–OMG, I need to write a “welcome to the world!” post for Ryan! Mommy fail. And actually, I think about that quite often. It still kills me.

THOSE are the memories that came up when trying to do this stupid assignment. #bitter.

But, don’t worry, I didn’t fail you–I’ve picked out a post that is more light-hearted. Something that is funny. I wrote this when Ryan was just over 3 months old. It’s called:

Pre- and Post-Baby Brain Images

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile… I wrote a post on my Baby Brain and was told it’s called Momnesia… I love that term, it’s perfect! I seriously can’t remember anything anymore, including how to spell. Yesterday I went to get my bowl from the microwave and opened the pantry door instead. More than once I’ve tried to put cereal in the refrigerator and milk in the cupboard.

I’ve decided this is what I used my brain for before baby:

That seems pretty accurate, right? Well… this is the mush it has turned into:

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  • hahaha yah, i’d say that’s pretty accurate for me too, except replace poo with diaper rash remedies and nursery rhymes (don’t ask me why, but the boy hates raffi!) with therapy :-p


  • Christa

    lol I love it! My brain is pretty much the same except Mason not Ryan!

    I’m sorry you felt so bitter after Ryans birth that sucks but it’s how you felt and your entitled to that! It doesn’t mean you love Ryan any less!

    I might go back and read ur circumsion post. I think you remember why I circumsized and will continue to do so lol


  • I can’t believe Raffi is still around!! I was OBSESSED with him when I was a toddler…like 20 years ago!


    babydickey Reply:

    hahaha, I KNOW! I went to a concert of his and sat in the front row (and I was in 6th grade….. yea…. I know.)


  • I’m sorry this assignment made you sad! I think you’re AWESOME! You didn’t post “He’s HERE!” because everyone already knew how much you loved Ryan and how happy you were that he was here 😉


    babydickey Reply:

    🙂 thanks Katie


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