Back to Blogging: I’m not creative

Today’s post topic from the SITS girls for their Back to Blogging event is to repost a title you’re proud of. I searched through my past posts and I’ve learned one thing: I suck at being creative. My blog post titles always just tell it like it is. “Ryan’s 3 months old!” or “Co-Sleeping Issues” or “I got a push present!” La. De. Da. So I struggled a bit with this one–but at least it made me realize that maybe I should try a bit harder?! Didn’t know so much effort needed to be put in to titles!

Anyway, I ended up choosing one titled “Hey ladies….” and not because the title itself is particularly awesome, but it’s the start of the quote for the rest of the post and it ALWAYS makes me laugh:

Hey Ladies…

….my chair has room for one more, ya know what I mean? 😉

This is the chair I bought from Pottery Barn with the $100 gift certificate I won when you guys voted me Best Pregnancy Blog at – so THANK YOU! 🙂

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