Ryan is 8 months old! (+3 weeks)

Yes, I’m terrible! Ryan is closer to 9 months right now and I still need to write his 8 month post! #fail So, here we go…

Dear baby boy,

Time is flying. I’ve already started to plan your 1st birthday party… it’s only 3.5 months away! Can you please slow down? I told you that you aren’t allowed to get any bigger, you know… and you should always listen to your momma!

I chose to put you in just a diaper for your 8-month picture because we recently decided to make the switch to cloth diapers. No more sposies on your cute lil bottom! {I just know how much you’re going to love reading this in 15 years ;)} You crawl with one knee down and one foot down, it’s hilarious. You stand up (and practice your squats) like a pro and cruise along the furniture… I think you’ll be walking in no time!

Yesterday we noticed a THIRD tooth peek through! One of your top middle teeth. Daddy and I often look at you these days and say, “Wow, he’s like a real person now.” You’re so much more vocal–you talk all the time and we’re even beginning to hear the words. Of course you say mama and dada–you’ve had those down for awhile. But just the other day you were trying to say bye and you WAVED! And it wasn’t a fluke either, because you repeated it… cutest.thing.ever. Kitty cat is another you’re attempting. You chase after Oscar and Aasa and you whisper “kkii kkaa” and I swear I’ve heard something closer to “cat” a few times. A week ago you had to stay with a friend while I was at work and he told me he swears he heard you say “want” multiple times {while trying to grab his cell phone, your favorite}! I haven’t noticed that one yet, but I’ll be listening for it now! All I can say is…. you’re GENIUS!

I think you have a little bit of separation anxiety–you cry or whine whenever you see your mama! What can I say, no one can love you feed you like I can! πŸ˜‰ Speaking of, you’re just starting to (finally) get an interest in food! You watch us eat now and you open your mouth and dive for it. You eat small bites of whatever {yogurt, melon, toast, chicken, banana, avocado, tomato, apple, etc} onΒ occasion, but are still mainly my breastfed lil man!

Your personality is really starting to show. You are going to be one strong and independent person, Ryan. Who really loves his momma πŸ˜‰ Ok, but you’re just like your dad! I have captured so many photos where the two of you are making the exact same facial expression or are looking the same way–or even wearing matching clothes! I love my two boys, you’re both the best things in my life! I can easily spend all day just sitting there watching you play… watching your little mind work while you talk away, play, crawl, play peek-a-boo, hug the cats… you’re always thinking, always inspecting and always curious. You’re mama’s little cuddle bug πŸ™‚

Love you to the moon and back 9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 times!
<3 momma and dada

And for fun, the greatest picture captured that day, hahaha. There’s even drool hanging from his mouth!

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