Ladies, know your rights!

I love Bravado and I love boobies (… breastfeeding). So when they emailed me this article, I had to post it for all of you. It’s important!!! I’ve written previous posts about my own experience with breastfeeding and working: Priorities and I’m a working & breastfeeding mama

Moms: Know your Rights as a Breastfeeding Working Mother

Are you going back to work? Do you have friends or family who are going back to work? Do you have coworkers returning from maternity leave? When the new Healthcare Reform was passed last March hidden it it is a policy that effects every working breastfeeding mother. With this, all employers with 50+ employees are required to comply with this new legislation.

As a breastfeeding mother, you have the right to:

  • Take the time to pump: You are entitled to be given breaks as needed to pump at work until your baby’s first birthday.
  • Private space to pump: Pump in the bathroom stall no longer! Your employer must provide you with a private space to pump other than a restroom.
  • A Breastfeeding Policy: All employers must provide you with a lactation policy. Don’t have one? A great resource to provide your employers with is this: Five Simple Steps to Create and Implement a Breastfeeding Policy in the Workplace (

Know your rights and help spread the word to bring awareness of this reform to all women. Looking for more great tips on going back to work? Check out 12 Tips for Nursing Mothers Preparing to Go Back to Work (

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