Time for a new breast pump

I have a Medela Pump in Style breast pump that I won online while I was pregnant (lucky, I know)! And it has been a lifesaver–at my old job I pumped every single day and at my new job I still have to pump about 3 times a week. If I want to get a supply up to have some extra milk on hand, I pump at night. That’s a lot of pumping! It’s like a part-time job! (For real, I hate pumping).

Anyway, one thing that has always annoyed me about my pump is the fact that the bag is so huge and bulky and very obviously a pump (to any other mothers or even fathers who have seen one before, haha).

Then, I went to NYC for BlogHer (baby-less) and had to bring home about 30 ounces of pumped milk. Welllll, I caught one of the storage bags with the cooler zipper when I was packing it up and didn’t realize it. I get to the airport and the cabby hands me the bag and says, “milk?” I was all- YEA! How’d you know?! – and then I notice all the milk running down the side and onto the ground. I used my handy dandy Simplisse breast pads to clean up the spilled milk in the cooler, re-bagged the leaking milk, and went on my way.

Little did I know that the milk was still all over my pump bag. I’ll admit the bag now has a nice *smell* to it, as well as white spots in the zipper area (where I can’t get it as clean). Honestly? I’m just soooo ready for a whole new pump.

I just got word that Simplisse (love!) is starting to ship out their BRAND NEW double electric breast pump. Remember my review of their manual pump? Let’s just say my expectations for this electric pump are pretty high and I’m way excited. I tell ya, the things that excite you as you get older (or become a mom)…

FIRST – look.at.the.pump.bag. I KNOW. It’s cute!!! It’s fashionable! It looks like a PURSE. I’m already in love/lust/want/need/MUST HAVE:

And just like the manual pump, the electric has the soft babyface flexibile breastcups–no more hard plastic for me! Check out the video on the main page at Simplisse to learn more about it and the new pumping technology used.

Nope, I totally wasn’t paid for this post or anything. I just love Simplisse that much and REALLY AM this excited about their new electric pump. It should be in stores for you to buy in October and right now you can order it at babies-r-us.

Can I tell you something else totally amazing and wonderful about Simplisse? For Cora’s 1 year birthday on November 30th, Kristine and Ben are donating 50 breastfeeding bags to their local hospital, which will be given out to new moms. It’s a bit of a push for more breastfeeding products in hospitals (rather than or even in addition to a bag full of formula stuff). Simplisse is so kind that they are donating 50 kits to Kristine to be used in her breastfeeding bags. I believe the Simplisse kits will include breast pads, breastmilk storage bags and nipple cream! How great, right?! I told you, they care about their mamas!

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