To a child, love is spelled…


My mom forwarded an email to me this morning that was about a book with the above title. The email had an excerpt from the book…. basically, this old man goes into the attic looking for something and he finds his old journal that he kept through his son’s life and he also finds his son’s childhood journal. He takes them downstairs to have a look. This is from the book:

His was leather-bound and engraved neatly with his name in gold, while his son’s was tattered and the name Jimmy had been nearly scuffed from its surface. He ran a long skinny finger over the letters, as though he could restore what had been worn away with time and use.

As he opened his journal, the old man’s eyes fell upon an inscription that stood out because it was so brief in comparison to other days. In his own neat handwriting were these words:

Wasted the whole day fishing with Jimmy.
Didn’t catch a thing.

With a deep sigh and a shaking hand, he took Jimmy’s journal and found the boy’s entry for the same day, June 4. Large scrawling letters, pressed deeply into the paper, read:

Went fishing with my Dad. Best day of my life.

For real, this made my eyes water. Do you remember those days? Your own childhood days? I do… and I remember that simple days like that absolutely were the best days of my life. Fishing in WI, having my mom paint my face like a puppy dog, getting to stay up past bedtime… the seemingly smallest things in life were by far the largest. I know Ryan is only 9 months old, but I don’t want to look back on anything and regret my time with him. I hope to never say we had a “wasted” day. I hope to remember daily that every moment is new and wondrous to Ryan and many days have the potential to be the best of his life.

What did you do special with your child today? I’m off to take Ryan for a walk 🙂

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