My “ultimate vacation” has changed

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There are a number of places in the world I want to visit someday. Some more than others… I think my “ultimate” vacation has always been a dream to travel to Africa. To rough it in the wild, sleep under the stars, go on safari and see all the animals. I promise I will someday. But that’s not my husband’s dream trip so when I got married, our ultimate vacation became a trip to Norway (we’re both Norwegian). I went to Norway with my family in 2003, but it’d be amazing to go with my husband. The country is by far the prettiest place I’ve seen (but New Zealand comes in very closely behind it).

Another dream vacation would be back to our honeymoon spot in St. Lucia. It was tropical, gorgeous, and romantic. We will definitely be back there someday too!

But then Ryan came along and our ultimate vacation has changed yet again. The priority is no longer romance and tropical beauty… it’s fun and family time. So what’s our new ultimate family vacation? The one we’re planning on taking and saving up for in a few years? Obviously…. DISNEY WORLD! We haven’t been there in ages and we just can’t wait to see the excitement on Ryan’s face. Seeing him happy makes us happy 🙂 It will be fun for everyone!

I’m not sure how we’ll end up doing it, but ultimately, it’d be great to stay in a hotel within the park–we’ve never done that before! And have passes for all the parks… there are a couple I don’t think I’ve ever been to. Universal Studios is a must too! Any Disney buffs out there that have tips for us? Best days or times to go? Tips for bringing a toddler? OR – what’s a good age?! Meaning, how long should we wait before we bring Ryan? 3 years old, or is that too young?

What’s YOUR ultimate vacation?

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  • kia

    My ultimate dream vacations still don’t seem unreasonable now that we have a baby. My most major dream is to visit Jordan and Petra. Secondly is a cooking/farm vacation in Italy (we had to derail this dream as the dollar dropped sharply just before our wedding.) And besides that road tripping the West and taking my husband and now son to some of my fave spots through small towns etc. We know we will also take our baby to the spot in Costa Rica we were married. I was supposed to shoot a wedding there in January but the couple has opted for other plans. I know we will take the baby there as he is still very young.

    I know you will take Ryan to DWorld one day and he will LOVE it!


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