Tailgating with Ryan (& Wisk!)

Football season = tailgating time!!! Look at my little tailgater ready for a cookout 🙂 If you remember my previous post where Ryan was my little scientist that helped me get a grass stain out with the NEW Wisk… today we attempted to get a ketchup stain out!

Prepping for some yummy burgers, Ryan gets ketchup all over his new shirt! AH! Have no fear, Wisk is here! (I’m totally corny, I know.) So I take the shirt off Ryan before it ends up EVERYWHERE and head inside.

I poured some Wisk on the stain, making sure to cover all of it, and spent a little bit of time rubbing it in… the amount of time it took for Ryan to crawl from the next room over to cry at my feet, haha.

There it is, all rubbed in. Umm, the more blue spot to the right… there was a tiny spot of ketchup and I went to pour a tiny bit of Wisk on it… at the same moment Ryan reached my and grabber my legs. A “tiny bit” of Wisk turned in to a LOT. 🙂

I hand washed the shirt under lukewarm water in the sink. I was skeptical. I didn’t let the Wisk sit that long (maybe 5 minutes)… because I’m impatient (ie. I’m a mom). I rubbed and swished until all the suds were gone, squeezed it out and…

Ok, it’s not the greatest picture, I know. But believe me, the shirt was spotless. Not even a slight shade of color. It seriously looked brand new, and I was amazed!

You can find Wisk at major retailers for $5.99 suggested retail price (that’s for 50 fl oz that lasts for 32 laundry loads)!

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