Ryan at 9 months old

I KNOWWWW he’s almost 10 months old. But at least I actually took these pictures two weeks ago (yea, when he was about 9.5 months old). I’m behind! I’ll catch up next month?!

Dear baby boy,

You’re growing so quickly! You’re still not walking yet, but you’re getting braver. We’ll catch you standing up without holding on, but as soon as you realize you’re doing it, you’ll drop to the ground. I’m excited for your first steps, but like I said last month, can you slow down?! The term “time flies” has never had so much meaning.

You’re still mainly breastfed, but we’re trying to add in 1-2 meals a day for you. Sometimes when we’re eating you YELL for some food, haha. You really like tomatoes and toast! Yogurt and applesauce are pretty good… and cheerios. I guess you’ll eat just about anything, really!

You get in to everything. The tiny rocks in the fireplace (which quickly led to another gate), the drawers in the bathroom (which led the keeping the door shut), oh and you love to put stuff in the hole of your diaper champ and move the handle… disgusting, really. So we’ve turned it around to face the corner. Little stinker! You LOVE playing in the fridge:

You also love pulling everything out of everywhere… the clean clothes out of your drawers, trash out of the garbage, dishes out of the dishwasher, toys out of your toy chests, clothes out of the dryer… and speaking of the dryer, you were helping me with laundry one day when I looked down and you had climbed INSIDE the dryer! Have I mentioned that you’re a little stinker? 🙂

You bear crawl when you’re outside to keep your knees off the grass, it’s too cute. You can go DOWN steps now! And you’re so careful too. When you first learned to stand, you’d be so careful sitting back down, dropping so slowly. When you go down a step (or even down from the couch!) you go up to the edge and survey the situation, turn around, drop one leg and then the other. Mommy and daddy are amazed!

You’re still chatting away! You’d think your daddy and I spoke a language other than English for all the sounds you’re making. You have SIX teeth now! The top 4 came in almost all in one day, it was crazy. Apart from a runny nose and some fits of biting your mama while nursing, you handled it like a champ.

Daddy takes you to music class once a week where you have fun crawling up to all the other babies to say hi 🙂 He has so much fun with you, mommy wishes she could go too! But we get lots of cuddle time at night! You take all your naps in your big boy crib and you start out there at night for a few hours. The next time you wake up after I go to bed, you crawl into bed with me 🙂

When you were born, you were identical to your daddy, but now people are saying you’re starting to look like me and that makes your mama pretty happy 🙂 You’re one adorable little boy! You’ve discovered your teeth and sometimes grind them together, but most often you make this face… we call it your “tough guy” face because it makes your jaw stick out, it’s pretty cute. You also make another new face when you’re starting to get upset–your face gets all scrunchy, haha. Who did you learn that from?!

I just changed your diaper and it reminded me… that task has become nearly impossible. You love the part where the diaper comes off. You have no problem sitting still for that! You usually giggle about it and even if you’ve been crying it suddenly makes you happy! But that’s where it ends. The new diaper doesn’t stand a chance against your will to flip over, grab anything in sight (including my face), try to get off the changing table… we have to get creative every time with a new toy to distract you, haha. Let’s just say we’re getting pretty speedy at diaper changes out of necessity! (Stinker!)

I’m going to guess you weigh around 20 pounds… you haven’t been to the doctor in awhile, but you go for a check-up next week. You’re in size 12mo clothes now!! Sometimes you wear size 18mo too, oh my gosh. That makes you sound way too old, baby boy!

You’re sound asleep right now… tonight you had your first bath like a big boy! Most of the time mama likes to shower with you or I used to sit in the bath tub with you. Tonight I put a couple inches of water in the tub, laid a towel on the bottom so it wasn’t slippery, put in some bath toys, and you had a blast! It was great to watch you crawl across the tub for the first time–with your arms and legs in the water–you splashed around and giggled away 🙂

And pretty soon it’s time for me to get my cuddle bug and go to bed!

Love you to the moon and back 9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 times
<3 momma and dada

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