Ryan’s college fund

Babycenter.com has a nifty little calculator that tells you the cost of raising a child… you input some values:

You hit calculate and not only does it give you a total, but it divides it up into categories. It assumes you pay for some things until they’re 18 years old (housing, food, transportation, clothing, healthcare, childcare/education, and miscellaneous) and then it adds in college costs for age 18-22.

Our total? $234,694. That’s about $10,000 a year until they’re 22 years old. And of course more of those costs come later on in their life, it’s not evenly spread out. What does this mean to me? We better start saving now. (I also put in private college because you never know and the cost went up to $304,978).

I’ve been meaning to share these sites with you for awhile because I looooove them. New sales are released every day and I probably buy so much from here that one could argue I’m not saving any money… but… in a girl’s mind, I’m saving lots of money by buying things on sale instead of full price 😉

These are specifically for babies/kids/moms:

Baby Steals
Kid Steals
Mama Bargains
Eco Baby Buys
EcoMom’s daily deal

And these are more general (for anyone), but they often have baby/kid/mom items:

Rue la la

Ok, I think that’s it. Get shopping! 🙂 Oh and a few more goodies to browse through:

$3.00 off Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream Cakes

$2.00 off any Color Sensational Lip Product

$2.00 off Garnier Fructis Blow Dry Perfector

$0.55 off Hillshire Farm Hearty Slices Lunchmeat

$1.00 off Del Monte SuperFruit or Fruit Naturals

$0.75 off on Zatarain’s rice or pasta mixes

$0.50 off 1+ tub or refill SCOTT Naturals™ Wipes

$2.50 off SCOTT Extra Soft Bath Tissue AND Towels

$0.50 off Minute Ready to Serve Rice Product

(We are HUGE coupon people. Ok, my husband is usually in charge of it, and he’s a pro. He finds them all online and the check-out people love us, but not as much as the people in line behind us, haha!)

Did I miss any deal sites?! Not that I need to know about any more, haha. I’ve purchased something at least once from most of those listed above. Or do you have any money saving/college fund tips?

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