Do you want a $600 iCandy Apple Stroller?

I hope by now you know about our weekly online video parties with expert Shari Criso every Monday night! We give away awesome prizes each week AND a GRAND PRIZE: a $600 iCandy Apple Stroller! I know you’re drooling, so am I! I only wish I had a chance to win it too 😉

In an effort to make the RSVP-ing each week a bit easier on all of you, I’ve set up a permanent page (My Baby Experts Party) that makes it super simple. Every week you’ll head there to fill out the RSVP form, rather than trying to find my post about it on my blog. The page will be updated with new prizes and sponsors each week too. So bookmark that page, it’s your new go-to spot!

And go RSVP NOW for the Monday night party! Aren’t you curious about the prizes we’re giving away?!

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