Saved: breastfeeding donation for new moms

Cora’s Story is a non-profit organization that was created by Kristine and Ben, Cora’s parents, in her honor. Please visit Cora’s Story to learn more about the beautiful baby Cora and her parents and their fight to raise awareness. One thing this organization does is “Wear Pink for Cora Day.” She was born on Nov 30, 2009, so on the 30th of every month we celebrate her birth. We wear pink, we spread the word, we do random acts of kindness. Cora has taught me to be more patient, to love more and to live life every day.

This year, Nov. 30th would be Cora’s one-year birthday. Kristine wanted to do something GREAT in her name… and she came up with an amazing idea. There’s a push (or a NEED) for more breastfeeding materials to be given to new moms at the hospital after birth. Kristine decided she was going to put together 50 breastfeeding gift bags for her local hospital to be handed out to new moms. Awesome, right?

Two packages arrived for Kristine on Monday… two of the major packages of product for these breastfeeding gift bags. One from Simplisse–who donated 50 sample bags filled with nipple cream, nursing pads and breastmilk storage bags. The other package was from My Baby Experts/Shari Criso–50 of her incredible Simply Breastfeeding DVDs. Can you even imagine how amazing these resources would be to new moms in the hospital?!!?!

Long story VERY short: there was miscommunication, mistakes, and a thief….. but finally… in the end… a caring person from UPS that straightened out the ordeal. We caught his attention on twitter Tuesday night and I heard from him Wednesday morning. He worked all day to get to the bottom of the situation and in the end, resolved it.

I cannot wait for November 30th when Kristine gets to deliver these breastfeeding gift bags to the hospital. I only wish I could be there in person to see each and every face of the new moms that get to receive them!

Thanks to Kristine for her hard work and determination and thanks to EvanAtUPS for his compassion in this matter. Of course, a huge (massive) thank you to Simplisse and Shari Criso for making a difference 🙂

*UPDATE! Moments after publishing this post I got word that the ORIGINAL packages were recovered!!! Ah, let’s all rest easy after this one. What.a.MESS!*

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