Why we cloth diaper: money? environment? cuteness?

I wrote awhile ago about misconceptions of cloth diapering, our cloth routine and cloth wipes and promised I’d follow up with a post about WHY we converted. We didn’t switch over until Ryan was about 8 months old. So first of all, why’d we wait so long?

When I was pregnant, I thought cloth diapers sounded disgusting. Uh uh, no way, no thank you. As I got closer to my due date, I somehow became less disgusted (but only slightly, haha) and actually discussed the option with my husband. We decided against it because 1) it was still gross and 2) we lived in an apartment building with shared laundry in the basement. We didn’t really see how we could wash diapers (mainly poopy ones) in a washer other people have to use. Also, when I tried googling the ins and outs of cloth diapering, I became completely overwhelmed and lost in all the options and terminology. Needless to say, we went with the sposies… I mean, we had acquired a good number of them anyway from the baby showers.

Fast forward a few months… I hear about cloth diapers all over twitter. Many good bloggy friends use cloth and LOVE IT. I started to learn the terminology just from being on twitter and hearing others talk about it. Basically, I learned about cloth whether I wanted to or not. I became intrigued… maybe it wasn’t so hard?

A couple things happened all at once: I had been toying with the idea of cloth, but figured it was pointless by now and then Katie on twitter said to me “it’s never too late to start!” And that really got me thinking……..

Then I went to BlogHer in NYC and met Joe and Shari Criso. Shari is a baby expert (for real… she’s an RN, CNM, and IBCLC) and we somehow got on the topic of cloth. I was aware of money savings and being environmentally friendly, but nothing was convincing me enough to convert at this point in Ryan’s life….. until…. Shari and Joe got on the topic of possible harmful chemicals in disposable diapers. There isn’t enough research yet to be certain, but there’s talk about it. Especially for little boys, there may be future issues with fertility or cancer. If you use sposies, have you ever seen those tiny little balls on your baby’s skin? Yea. I have. Those are some of the chemicals.

That was the final straw.

The next day I got a free Fuzzibunz diaper from The Feminist Breeder (they were one of her BlogHer sponsors). Ah! My FIRST cloth diaper! And it was sooo soft and sooo cute! I was super excited to call my husband and tell him the news that we were going to switch. He said, “okay.”

The next weekend I was at a baby fair for my local ICAN chapter and I entered a contest for a month of free cloth diaper delivery service. Wouldn’t you know I won?! Ok, the universe is trying to tell me something. The time to switch is now!

I’ll admit, I HATED it at first. The service provided prefolds that you had to use covers with. Especially since I was new at this, it was hard. Ryan is a squirmy monster during changes and I was trying to get him all wrapped up, get the Snappi in place, velcro the cover on, ahhhhhhh! And the covers we had weren’t cute or anything special and it was a hassle and they leaked (because I didn’t know what I was doing). We probably used half cloth and half spoies at that point. Then we acquired more pocket diapers and I decided to cancel the cloth diaper service… yea, the FREE service I was getting… because I disliked the prefolds that much (hey, some people love them! But not me).

By now, we’ve acquired enough cloth diapers to pretty much use them full time and not use any disposables (except at night because we’re still searching for the perfect combo so there’s no leaking).

So ultimately, it was the chemicals in disposables that pushed us over the edge. Of course the money is nice, but in our case, we waited so long to start cloth and then had to buy all the cloth and pail liners and wet bags, etc., it may not be so much of a deal. But it definitely will be for our next kid(s)!!! And of course being environmentally friendly is great. We’re “green” in so many other aspects (composting, recycling, organic, etc) that it was only fitting we participated in this as well. OH, and… it’s CUTE.

and a little video my mom found about chemicals in cloth… and other benefits to using cloth.. it’s a good video (but ignore the part at the end about making a pledge, that’s over):

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