What’s best for our cats?

Corny, but, World’s Best Cat Litter really is the world’s best. Ask my hubby… he’s the one that cleans the cat litter (I know, I’m lucky!) and after using this stuff he’s the one that came up with that corny line… he loves it! The only problem was that it wasn’t being sold at our grocery stores or Target so we’d have to make an extra trip to the pet store to get it.

NOT ANYMORE! (Ya know, it’s REALLY sad to think about the things that excite you as you get older…. cat litter?! really?!) But seriously, we’re pretty excited that World’s Best is now being sold at Target (for a limited time).

Unitl Nov 23rd you can check out theirĀ Clearing the Air blog to enter a contest for a year supply of litter, t-shirt, litter mat and tote bag, and a $200 Target gift card. I entered!!! (and am mainly excited about a year of cat litter, haha).

If you have cats, you really need to try this stuff out. It’s *rare,* I think, to say you’ve found a cat litter you love!

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