I’ve been tagged: 4 things

My friend over at Mommy Boots tagged me in this stupid thing and because I like her I feel like I have to participate. Ah who am I kidding, it’s a break from singing songs with Ryan, doing the laundry, and it delays giving Ry a bath for a little bit longer, haha.

4 things in my handbag:

*one of Ryan’s toy–great to have on hand in cases of emergency
*TONS of receipts that I need to throw away
*a necklace
*concealer. that never gets used.

4 things in/on my desk:

*dirty dishes. yep.
*a roll of toilet paper (for my husband with the terrible allergies)
*Ryan’s baby monitor
*my coffee cup

4 things in my bedroom:

*clothes all.over.the.floor. I still haven’t sorted through what I want and what I don’t from when we moved here in FEBRUARY.
*Ryan’s crib
*A speaker stand for an ipod (Ryan’s nighttime music)
*ummm, Ryan’s birth announcements. That I never sent out (mom fail).

4 things I’ve always wanted to do (but haven’t tried yet):

*go on safari in Africa
*go on a storm (tornado) chasing tour
*take a car mechanics class
*become a doula/have a VBAC

4 things I enjoy very much at the moment:

*Watching Ryan take a couple steps toward his mama
*Watching the Today Show

4 songs I cannot get out of my head:

*boom boom pow – black eyed peas
*bedrock – young money & lloyd (these top 2 songs would be thanks to the hubby)
*samson – regina spektor (currently playing this in the car on repeat–LOVE)
*i will follow you into the dark – death cab for cutie (played at night for Ryan, sad song)

4 things you didn’t know about me:

*i’ve jumped out of a plane
*i was born with hyaline membrane disease and my parents were told I wasn’t going to make it
*i’m a REALLY picky eater
*i can’t wink

4 bloggers I’m tagging:

*Little BGCG
*Mama B
*Baby Making Mama

2 comments to I’ve been tagged: 4 things

  • Wait, you can’t wink?! You have to explain! Also, I <3 Death Cab for Cutie, it sounds like Ryan has excellent taste in music. And I totally hear you on the clothes all over; mine have graduated to being stuffed on the floor of my closet 🙂


    babydickey Reply:

    Haha, I can’t wink!!! I should post a video of myself trying to wink. But it’s extremely embarrassing, the faces that I make while trying. Can’t roll my tongue either 🙁


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