Ryan’s 1st Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! (I know, I’m a little late, but I was waiting on these pictures). We were really excited for it this year–being Ryan’s first!–and couldn’t wait to show him off to all our family. We started out at my parents’ house for our small Thanksgiving and we were supposed to head to Steve’s grandma’s house afterwards for his family’s Thanksgiving.

But Ryan had a fever. A 102 degree fever. When we sat down to eat, he lasted about 3 minutes. He tried one piece of turkey and had a couple pieces of bread and that was it. Then we gave him some Tylenol and he napped..

When I first found out he was sick with a fever that high, I started crying. My poor little baby! He had never been sick before (at nearly 11 months old, isn’t that crazy?!) and has never even had a slight fever. He was SO miserable, I felt so bad for him. When I held him, he just melted into me with his head on my chest, awwww. Look at that pouty little face..

So we missed Thanksgiving with Steve’s side of the family, which was definitely too bad, but we’ll see them in a few weeks for Christmas! Then everyone can see Ryan’s tricks of giving high-fives, telling us how big he is, putting on my sunglasses and WALKING (ok, taking steps.. he’s not quite walking yet)!

I had Ryan in his perfect Thanksgiving shirt and we had a bib that said “I’m Stuffed,” but I don’t have any good pictures of it because he was clearly not in the mood! He only wore the bib for those 3 minutes he managed to sit at the table with us.

It was a nice, quiet Thanksgiving with family and great food. Definitely missed my grandpa this year–my mom and I had an entire conversation with him while we made the gravy (that was always my grandpa’s job). My mom thought she kind of messed it up (with some burnt chunks in there) and I told her that grandpa would have said- ohhh no, that’s the good stuff, lots of flavor! 😉

I’m thankful for my family and my great friends. For Steve and for Ryan. For our health and our jobs. And on a less serious note, I’m thankful for the deals I got on Black Friday 😉 and the long weekend off work and only 2 more weeks of the semester! WOW! And thankful for my brother-in-law that watched Ryan tonight while I got a lot of work done 😉 LOVE YOU ALL!

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