fill in the blank friday

1) I wish …. I didn’t have so much to do and was taking more time to enjoy the holiday season!

2) Yesterday I …. went to work, played with Ryan and held a final exam study session for my students at a coffee shop

3) Today I …. taught my LAST CLASS OF THE SEMESTER! freeeeeeeedoooooom! 😉 And I cleaned the house and put up lots more Christmas decorations!

4) Tomorrow I will …. tackle more of my to-do list (cleaning, errands for Christmas, blog reviews) and take Ryan to see Santa! (I’ll be honest, when I first typed that out, I spelled it “Satan.” Fingers are too quick.)

5) Maybe …. Ryan will sleep through the night tonight?! It’s 7pm and he’s already been asleep for 30 min.

6) Someday …. I will stand up to the OB that cut me. (someday)

7) I love …. fireplaces and Christmas lights and hot chocolate and a cuddly baby

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