December 18th: a cookin’ baby

December 18th! Why does that date seem so familiar to me? Ahhh, just one short year ago, it was my due date! This time last year I was anxiously awaiting labor and hoping Ryan would arrive before Christmas because I had all his “baby’s 1st Christmas” items ready to go… clothes and pajamas, a bib and hat, a frame, an ornament…. of course my little stinker didn’t like that plan and came 2 days AFTER Christmas instead 😉

I remember that our apartment’s maintenance man (who frequented our apartment, lol) saw me grabbing our laundry on December 18th last year in the basement of the building. He was Russian. And apparently didn’t understand how labor and baby birthing worked? He stared at me, mouth hanging open… “where’s the baby?!” As I looked down at my massive belly, thinking it was quite obvious where the baby was and I said something like “uhhhhmmm, he’s still cookin’!”

He responded, “I thought he was supposed to be here today?! Why are you doing laundry?!” Well, laundry doesn’t do itself and yea, I had hoped he’d be here today, but I guess he’s not ready. Wait, I’m sorry, I mean… the stork that’s bringing him here got lost on the way so there’s a short delay. He should be here soon!

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