Simple changes for the new year

One of the main things I told myself I needed to work on this year was time management. I want to spend more time with my family (Ryan’s 1st year went by WAY too fast). That means I need to be more effective at getting my WOHM duties done during naps or at night and I also need to spend less time online–or at least use my time online more wisely.

So what have I done so far?

I’ve carved out certain times in the day to spend on my classes [my WOHM duties–I’m a teacher]. I need my “home office” to be exactly that–time for work, not for play. This includes my office hours on campus–no play! This is probably the hardest part to change. I also work online in a number of ways: social media/PR for a company, my blogs, reviews… and those need to fit in somewhere, too. But one thing at a time! While I’m doing WOHM duties, all social media websites need to be CLOSED! Haha.

I signed Ryan up for parent-tot tumbling classes! And double bonus: it’s on Saturday mornings so Steve will get to come too. Fun family time! I can’t wait to see Ryan climbing over everything and jumping on the trampoline, he’s going to love it (and so are we). It starts next weekend I think… pictures to come! 🙂

I’m also signing Ryan up for parent-tot swim classes! We took some last summer, but he was 6 months old and all the other kids were over 1 and it just wasn’t much fun. I think this time he’ll enjoy it a lot more. We really need to get him interacting with other kids… without daycare or many mommy friends, he mostly interacts with our cats, hahaha.

As for more time with Steve [which is also a must], I actually just purchased a night in a hotel about an hour from here… and it doesn’t expire for a year, so we can use it whenever–maybe this summer? It’s always nice to get away! But more frequently… I’ve been saving recipes I find online in hopes of making dinner more often [I hate cooking and never do] so we can eat healthy meals together as a family.

I definitely think these changes will help me be less stressed and happier.

What simple changes are you making this year? Do you have any tips for me on how to best manage my time??? [And I only wish having 28 hours in a day was a feasible option!]

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