It’s time to be a Hero

I met this weird and crazy chick at BlogHer last year… she wants to be the next martha… but then she went and showed me her boob (breastfeeding talk, let’s not get overly excited here people)… I don’t think martha would approve. But I suppose that’s why she’ll be the NEXT martha. New and improved??

Anyway, I was checking out her blog and I read a post called My Most Important Post Ever.

Short version of the story: a beautiful and amazing little boy had his genitals sliced off and his femoral artery cut when he was only 5 weeks old by a messed up mother (who tried to blame the dog). He’s now a happy and active toddler, but continues to need reconstructive surgeries and will need hormone injections his entire life.

I started sobbing after only reading the news headline… so what can we do to help? Go read the whole post from The Martha Project so get more details and to donate to Heros for Holden. She has set up a paypal donation with 100% of everything raised going to the non-profit. (Or you can mail money directly to the ogranization).

Please, please, please head over there any think about making a donation–every bit helps! The short-term goals of this non-profit are to cover Holden’s surgery bills, but they have long-term dreams of helping other children with unpaid medical bills and necessary expenses. It’s time to be a hero!

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