Time for a blizzard!

And now I want to go to Dairy Queen………. but anyway, here we go!!!

Are you about to be hit by a snow storm?!

5 comments to Time for a blizzard!

  • Arline

    I feel your pain I am just North and East of you at the IL boarder right on the lake 😕 UGH


  • Barbara M

    Those of you in the path of this blizzard – stay warm and safe!


  • Maia G

    My city is on that map! I have a snow drift up to my roof, and a stranger with a stuck car is sleeping on my couch. and… I’m enjoying the weather! haha.
    P.S. Who needs Dairy Queen when you can have SNOW ICE CREAM!


  • Hi! I am a frequent reader and have a question for you. Looks like you might be pointing to Rockford on the map (or close anyway). My husband is applying for a job there and I was wondering what is there to do there. We live in AZ right now…so this would be quite a change. Is there a mall there or do you have to drive to another city? I have been there once when I came into the airport. Any comments on living there? Thanks for the info. I’m excited to hear what you have to say since I have no idea about anything Rockford related. BTW…how long would it take you to get to city…like Michigan Ave? Thanks!


    Emily @ Baby Dickey Reply:

    Hi! I am pointing to Rockford 🙂 As much as we complain about Rockford, it’s one of the largest cities in IL. There is a mall (Cherryvale) that’s pretty good – but for some REAL shopping we like to drive about 50 minutes away to Woodfield Mall (in Schaumburg). Chicago (Mich Ave) is just past that, about 2 hours away. There’s quite a bit for kids here, but the public school system is a mess. My husband and I lived in Iowa for about 5 years (during the college years) and are now back home (he’s originally from Rockford too). So that must mean it’s not too bad of a place! 😉


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