13 months: developmental milestones

When Ryan turned one, I wrote a post about making milestones and decided to keep it up. He’s now 13 months (almost 14!) so let’s check it out… thanks to babycenter.com

13 months old

Mastered Skills (most kids can do):
*uses 2 words skillfully
*bends over and picks up an object

Ohhh, Ryan’s a pro! He easily bends and grabs and here’s a list of words he says, off the top of my head: hi, mama, dada, kitty cat, cracker, milk, stop

Emerging skills (half of kids can do):
*enjoys gazing at his reflection
*holds out arm or leg to help you dress him

Hmm, I don’t think I’d say Ryan enjoys gazing at his reflection. Sure he’ll look in the mirror at himself (if I tell him to) and he’ll smile, but he certainly doesn’t gaze. I didn’t know ANY toddler sat still long enough to gaze? Haha. But really, he has no interest. But we’re good to go on the other one–he holds his legs up for pants and then lifts his butt so we can pull the pants up, haha.

Advanced skills (a few kids can do):
*combines words and gestures to make needs known
*rolls a ball back and forth

Ryan does make gestures for what he wants–he’ll point, wave or grab at–but it’s never combined with a word… only with a noise like a whine or grunt! As for the ball… I just saw him do this for the first time about a week ago!

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