Family vacations?

Growing up, we took a family vacation every summer. When we were younger, it was to a cabin in Wisconsin… fishing, hiking, relaxing. Of course there were a couple trips to Disney World and as we got older, we traveled farther away: Canada, Norway, Bahamas, Aruba. No matter where we were, we went as a family and planned fun activities to do together.

Steve and I have daydreamed about where we’ll take Ryan. What do we want him to see? Ya know, besides EVERYTHING! And at what age should we start? I mean, we can take little family trips now, but I’m talking about a trip to Disney World or the mountains or the beach–when will it be special for Ryan?


This summer Steve and I were planning a trip to the Caribbean, but then he lost his job and we figured it wouldn’t be very responsible of us if we still went! But we definitely still plan on doing something! I bought a groupon awhile back for a night at a nice hotel in Lake Geneva, WI. It’s only about an hour from us and we went there late last year…. love that place! So we’ll be using that for sure, at least. We didn’t take Ryan with last time–we had “adult” fun, ya know, renting a scoot coupe and driving around town for a couple hours, hahaha. But when the weather gets warmer, it’d be fun to take Ryan with and do some activities on the lake! Is it Spring yet?!?!

We have family all over, too.. Minnesota, Arizona, Wisconsin, Washington (and Norway!!)… so those are other ideas! Okay, the Norway one is more of a wish… but someday!

What family holidays do you remember taking as a kid?? Where are your favorite places to vacation now? And what age do you think is a good age to start with little ones?

*disclosure: sponsored text link, but all dreams and wishes are my own!

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  • i remember many road trips with my mom over the years. I get sad that we haven’t been able to do that for our kids. we did their first 3 years but since my husband has been out of work a vacation just hasn’t been in the budget.


  • Kim

    I just shared some of my childhood vacation memories on my blog!
    Hubby and I really enjoy traveling, and we did A LOT before the boys were born. I know JD will not remember when we took him to Disney when he was 8 months old, but I will have that memory forever. Seeing our favorite places through their eyes makes everything better. My parents drove across the country with me when I was a baby. I don’t remember a thing, but I love hearing the stories and looking at the photos 🙂


  • My favorite vacation when I was little was going to Oregon for a week of fishing and going to a carnival. I think that is actually the only place we did go, haha. However, my husband and I just took a cruise to the Caribbean and as much as we loved the boat, we did not fancy the islands as much. I think the age all depends for taking your little one with you. That is why I love cruises because they get to enjoy activities catered to them and you get to enjoy adult activities. It is a good balance.


  • We used to go to the beach and the local water and amusement parks. Being a single mom aside from out of state trips with the school my mom couldn’t really afford to treat us to Disney World or cruises. So, I’m looking forward to doing those things with my kids. We’re planning to head to Atlantis next summer with a three year old and one year old. I don’t believe having young kids should stop families from vacationing. It’s never to early to start making those memories with them.


  • My parents always, always, always took us to Disney. I kind of wish we’d done more sightseeing, but we always had a lot of fun! I think the perfect first Disney trip is around 3 1/2 or 4 years old – that’s how old I was my first time – and it’s so awesome because they’re old enough to have fun, yet young enough to still believe in all the magic! I am already planning to take E when he is about that age, if I’m in the position to do so!


  • Sarah Hill

    If you’ve alrady done the whole Disney thing, you should consider a cruise to Alaska…it was one of my favorite family vacations. The northern lights are unbelievable!!


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