Thank you.

I just wanted to take a second of your time to say THANK YOU. This blog obviously wouldn’t be what it is without my readers, so I owe you guys a lot.

I know I put up two sponsored posts in a row this week and I apologize. I do choose the sponsored posts I’ll accept very carefully (I get a lot of offers and I turn a lot down) because I care about what I’m putting in front of your eyes, but I still know that sponsored posts aren’t that fun for you. I’ll try to never put up 2 in a row again! I’ve been trying pretty hard lately to get original content up every day!

You’ll also see the occasional review or giveaway on here, too–I have a couple coming up (even something for the international fans!). The products I feel are more personal or that I think may be fun for you, I’ve decided I want to post here (rather than on my Giveaways blog)! Hopefully giveaways you like–another way to say THANK YOU to my readers!

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