Ryan the WOLF!

When I was growing up I loved wolves. My room was decorated with normal teenage girl stuff like pictures of david boreanaz, my favorite bands and wolves. Wait, what, wolves? That’s right. Steve (we were like 16 at the time) said other than my denial of Michael Jackson being a pedo (don’t worry, I’ve accepted it now, probably because I have a little boy), it was the biggest thing that made him wonder whether or not he wanted to date me.

Naturally, with my unnatural love of wolves, I would try to turn Ryan into a wolf. I found out how when I found this website called “spirit hoods.” I contacted them and they said I could review one of their hoods. I of course chose the wolf. At first he was a little confused…then he started bobbing his head a little…

…Then he started chasing Oscar (the 22 lb cat that is actually pretty tolerant of Ryan) and trying to put the hood on him.

…and like any true wolf he tried to find some cover in the bushes so he could stalk some prey…

Here are some pictures of the adult hoods…

Prices range from $60 – $200. An awesome program that they have is called “project blue.” If you purchase a wolf hat of your own a portion of the proceeds goes to protecting wild wolves! If you like bears, do what I did and turn your child into a bear, while supporting wild bears at the same time! Check out the spirit hoods for yourself.

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