What’s for dinner?

I’ve never been a huge fan of cooking because I don’t have the skill to just throw things together (like Steve does!)… I HAVE to  have a recipe. So I’m always trying to find new recipes and now that we have Ryan, the recipes need to be toddler friendly, too!

I have a handful of go-to recipes that I know how to make, are fairly easy and really tasty. But making the same old thing gets boring.

Who can help? What are your favorite recipes? I have criteria though… I’m super picky so the recipes can’t be spicy. No fish. No mushrooms. And quick and easy are best (of course)! I asked this question awhile ago on my facebook page and got some great recipe ideas… now I’m ready for more!

With that, I want to show you this brand new site that I love to use, too. Give Every Night New Flavor (there’s a button in my sidebar too) let’s you pick the cuisine you want (so I can easily avoid asian foods!), how much time you prefer the prep to take (less than 30 minutes is what I usually go with), and how many servings you  need. And there ya go! A list of new recipes that meet your criteria. And you can add the items on the ingredient list right to your shopping list that you can print or email.

Do you have any sites that make your cooking or shopping super easy?

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  • Stephanie E.

    Have you ever used Zip List? It’s AWESOME. Let’s you “clip” recipes from websites (like everyday foods) and puts them in a recipe box. Then, when it’s time to go shopping, you just pick the recipes you want to make and it will add them to a shopping list – categorized! It has saved me soooo much time! With two little kids, it’s so hard to plan meals and get everything I need in ONE trip to the grocery store, and this makes it so easy! They have apps for both android and iphone too, so you can sit in the parking lot of the grocery store and make your list! You can even customize the list to be in the order of the aisles of the grocery store!!!! So great! Check it out!


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