Lots of clothes, one spoiled little boy!

It’s probably a good thing we don’t have a girl, because stores always have WAY more girl clothes and they’re all so so so cute–who can resist ruffles? But you can get lucky and find some great boy clothes too. When I was pregnant, my mother-in-law told me about Florence Eiseman clothes. Apparently she dressed her kids (my hubby!) in them when they were little and it’s the best quality stuff. But it’s pricey.

Wellllll, Florence Eiseman has a factory sale twice a year and we first went when I was pregnant. And we have been every time since–a total of 4 times. We just recently went a few weekends ago… and Ryan got a CRAP LOAD of stuff. SUPER CUTE STUFF. A few things for this summer, but mostly stuff for the Fall–some nice outfits (for Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) and lots of play outfits (zip-up hoodies/sweats).

I think Ryan will LIVE in those little blue shorts on the top left. He should wear some short shorts while he can, eh? Haha. And the cute one-piece with the sailboat (my grandpa was a sailor… awwww).

I love love love the two outfits above. The gray/brown plaid flannel shirt is too cute. And that blue dino outfit with the SPIKES ON THE HOOD?! We had to buy that one in a 3T because it was all they had and we couldn’t pass it up!!! So it’ll be quite some time before he wears it.

This was the one outfit we bought in size 18 months for him to wear right now. Sooo cute, right? <-- I can't help it, I say that about every single thing we bought! I love the "rugby player" look of this outfit and obviously the teddy bear on the butt is adorable.

My SIL recently found out she’s pregnant (she’s like 9-10 weeks now?) and she came with to the sale. She is convinced she’s having a girl (hahaha) so she even picked out a few outfits. My MIL kept saying, “Well your son is going to look pretty silly in that dress!” LOL. I guess we’ll find out soon enough what she’s having and hey, if it’s a boy… maybe *I’ll* have the girl next and get the clothes 😉

Where do you shop for cute boys clothing??? I have a few go-to stores. There are a couple local shops or boutiques in town, but I swear 4/5 of the stores are dedicated to girls and then the boys get a tiny corner in the back. BOO! Who wants to open a BOYS store with  me?! 🙂

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