Tasty Tuesday: Banana Graham Cracker Smoothie

I haven’t posted a new recipe in a while because Ryan was sick for three weeks…yea it was pretty fun…so here we go…Our biggest problem so far has been to get Ryan to eat enough to gain wait. Since he’s been feeling better he has been eating everything in sight, but has also been having some digestive issues as a result (don’t worry, no pictures and I’ll just leave it at that!), so Steve and I have been reading a lot about probiotics as an attempt to strengthen up his gut so he’s healthy and happy while gaining weight.

When I hear that word I think of yogurt and I’m sure most people do as well. Ryan is definitely not a fan of any mushy foods like baby food (we never fed him any) so it have been a challenge to get him to eat yogurt. He does, however love graham crackers, strawberries and bananas, so why not make a smoothie! After several unsuccessful tries at making smoothies w/o a recipe, we decided to search the web to find just the right combinations of ingredients. We wanted to make a smoothie that was healthy, full of probiotics, high in fat and thick like a milkshake so that Ryan could either drink it or be spoon fed. We settled on a recipe and decided to add *graham crackers to further thicken.

1 Banana
5 Strawberries
1/4 C Yogurt – (most recipes said to use plain & add sugar, but we just used Vanilla Yogurt)
2 C Milk (we used whole milk)
*2 Graham Cracker Sheets – (we added on our own)

We chopped the bananas and strawberries into small pieces and pureed. Next, we added the yogurt and blended until smooth.

Finally, I hand crushed the crackers and added the milk at the same time and blended, trying to leave some small pieces of graham cracker in tact.

The result was fantastic. The smoothies were very thick, like a milkshake, but because the goal was to increase Ryan’s probiotic intake we will probably use more yogurt and less milk next time. On a side note, I thought I would never lie to Ryan, but I did ask him if he wanted some ice cream, he got all excited and chugged his smoothie!

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