Flip Flop Pinot Noir review

Flip Flop wines are produced with “individual expressionism” in mind. Though the wines are finely crafted, well balanced and produced from high quality grapes the goal is not to over-explain or intimidate with fancy shmancy wine terminology, but to let people feel comfortable enjoying the wines however they see fit (like sitting around outside in flip-flops!).

Steve and I were really excited to try the Pinot Noir, especially Steve as it is absolute favorite! He doesn’t get to have it that often, though, because Pinot Noir is generally more expensive than other varieties. His favorite brand sells for about $25 and he’s way too frugal to buy that every week. The Flip Flop Pinot Noir sells for about $7/bottle! Rather than me trying to explain this wine and use high quality wine terms like, Yum and Pretty, here is the profile from David Georges (owner Flip Flop) himself.

We drink about a bottle of wine a week and have never really tried to “pair” wine with a certain food, so why start now? Here is how we tried our Flip Flop Pinot Noir. Steve made a beef pot roast and used about 1 Cup of the wine to cook the meat and veggies in and then we each had a glass with the dinner when it was done. Does that count as pairing wine with food?

The wine was a little bit on the dry side for me, but Steve was a big fan, especially for $7 and said he would gladly switch from the $25 bottle we usually buy. We did actually try the wine paired with chocolate chip cookies for dessert and that made for a great combination as the sweet cookies mixed well with the dry wine. One glass was definitely enough for both of us!

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